After Sarfaraz Khan, now Dhruv Jurel cheated, Umpire stopped the century

Dhruv Jurel: First Sarfaraz Khan and now Dhruv Jurel was cheated, mid-field umpire stopped him from scoring a century, a picture revealed the truth. First it happened with Sarfaraz Khan and now it has happened with Dhruv Jurel. The mid-field umpire now stopped Dhruv from scoring a century. Dhruv Jurel is the new star of Indian cricket who played a brilliant inning of 90 runs in the first innings of this test match against England.

But Dhruv Jurel could have easily taken this 90 to 100 if the umpire had not stopped him from scoring his century. Now you must be wondering how this happened. Let us tell you how the umpire can stop a batsman’s century.

Why Dhruv Jurel could not complete his century?

This happened on the middle ground and once again it happened with India. Because if we talk about this test match, the umpire gave many decisions which were ultimately decided on the umpire’s call and the Indian batsmen had to go to the pavilion one by one. Shubman Gill was the first victim of umpire’s call. After that Rajat Patidar got into trouble. Ashwin also returned to the pavilion and even Akash Deep could not escape from the umpire’s call i.e. the wrong decisions given by the umpire many times.

When Akash Deep was out, Dhruv Jurel was batting with him at the other end and as long as Akash Deep was with him, Dhruv looked very comfortable and was also rotating the strike very well with him. But as soon as the ninth wicket fell on two-three in the form of Akash Deep, it became very difficult for Dhruv Jurel to complete his century because now only one last batsman was left in front and in such a situation, Dhruv’s attempt was to I will try to score runs as fast as possible by hitting the biggest shots.

But this could not happen. When Akash Deep was out, his score was 80 runs and when Dhruv finally returned to the pavilion, he could reach only 90 runs. Imagine what would have happened in the umpire’s call if the umpire had not given Akash Deep out at that time and England had reviewed Mali? The umpire’s call is very simple.

Dhruv would have got a lifeline to Akash Deep and Dhruv would have got some time to bat and India’s one wicket would not have fallen at that time and Dhruv Jurel would have got a few more overs and some time to bat. And he would have easily completed his century.

Umpires conspired

Something similar happened with Sarfaraz Khan also. In the first innings of the first Test match he played, he got Rana off by Ravindra Jadeja and in the second innings, captain Rohit Sharma declared the innings. That is, Sarfaraz was cheated by his own people and now Dhruv was cheated by the umpire and thus the decisions taken by the umpires in this series have proved to be very wrong till now and later we have seen that most of the review umpires. Went in the call and even when India comes to bat, the umpire raises his finger.

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And when England comes to bat, the umpire does not raise a finger. She lives under the umpire, which Rohit Sharma himself said. Brother came thinking that he would not raise a finger. So in such a situation, I think the ICC will have to wake up from its sleep and take some concrete steps against the umpires who are continuously giving wrong decisions against India so that such wrong decisions do not happen in future. Now that technology has come.

Even after that, the new play of umpire’s call continues and 12 batsmen are out. In many big matches, the Indian team called umpires. By the way, I feel that if the umpire’s call is not stopped then those who used to conspire against India even before the umpire. Remember Steve Buckner? They used to do it earlier also and today’s umpires are once again carrying forward the same conspiracy.

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