Ashoka Review: Episode 1 and Episode 2

Ashoka Review: In 2014, there was an animated version of Star Wars called Rebels. Four seasons had come. It received a very good response from its audience, who are fans of Star Wars. You all know that the universe of Star Wars is being expanded. His web series is continuously coming and going. The universe of Star Wars is being expanded. In view of this, the animated Rebels series which came in 2014 now has a sequel which has been released today at 06:30 am on Disney+ Hotstar. Whose name is Ashoka.

There are two episodes of this series, they were released today at 06:30 in the morning, we finished them after watching them. And yes, you get both these episodes in Hindi. His dubbing is very good. In today’s post, we will talk to this Ashoka.

Ashoka All Episode Release Date & Time

First of all, let us tell you one thing that you will get to see the next episodes of the season every Wednesday at 06:30 am. Really, if we talk about the start of this series on the basis of these episodes, then a decent start has been made.

Ashoka Series Story

If we give you the idea of the story then things will be easier for you. Which is their team of heroes, which is their team of villains both trying to find a guy named Thrawn. To reach there, they will have to take the help of a map. Now who has that map and who doesn’t. When you see this you will get the idea. But the villains want me to find the throne and awaken its power. He may bring destruction again and establish a new empire.

On the other hand, the team of our hero, which means Ashoka’s team, does not want this at all. You will have to watch this series to know who will be successful and who will not be successful in this purpose.

Ashoka Review

Total eight episodes will come in this season, but what was shown in this episode, we got to see quite predictable similar normal plot. Yes, it was a thing that it was engaging but there was no such twist or terrible movement in the plot, after watching which you sit crying that just torn. It was not so. It is a very normal plot. If you have not even followed the series of Star Wars, then if you go to watch this series directly, it will probably work for a new audience as well. You will easily get engaged with the character.

You can easily understand the story. Its storyline is not feeling very confusing or very complex. If you have not seen any series of Star Wars, then you can also watch it directly. The CGI that was seen in these two episodes or the action shots that were seen were interesting. The way they were presented was great.

Now this series has started, so we will not comment on things much. Let’s see what kind of twist the series will represent going forward. If their characters become more effective, if they get to see a lot of twists in the series, then it will be fun. Because all the Star Wars series that have come in the recent past have not been able to work as effectively, so the fans event studios have high hopes from it. If you have seen these two episodes, then how much you enjoyed it, will definitely tell in the comments.

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