Avinash Eviction Interview: Avinash evicted from big boss, targets Elvish and Fukra

Avinash Eviction Interview: Friends, if we talk about the live feed of Bigg Boss OTT, today is the weekend war and today double eviction has taken place in which Avinash Sachdev has been evicted from the house. Four people were nominated this week. One of these four people had to go, but double eviction happened, let’s know who is the other one?

Avinash gave an interview as soon as he became homeless

Friends, the two people who have been evicted from the house in double eviction are Jad Hadid and Avinash, who have given Tata Bye to Bigg Boss house. Now after saying goodbye to Tata, his interview is out, in which he talked a lot.

Actually Avinash had seen the mirror, but let us tell you that after coming out of the house, Abhishek lashed out at Malhan and Elvish and said that they are very proud of their social media following.

And somewhere the fans must take away their pride that I was doing very well, but on this occasion I came in a lot of speed, but maybe I was a little too slow in starting.

Because of this, now people could not see my speed. Now talking about Bigg Boss house, friends, Avinash says that inside the house he feels that Pooja Bhatt is going to win the show.

In his interview, he is telling Pooja Bhatt as the winner of the house, then he is not even considering Abhishek and Elvish as finalists and here he is also talking about Abhishek’s arrogance.

In fact, let us tell you that something was shown on Weekend Ka Vaar, due to which Abhishek looked very arrogant, but friends, the clipping shown was half and incomplete. They were shown chopped up. You must remember the sentence of Jia Shankar, in which the fire of debate was abused by the sister.

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Now here things have been cut in some way, but now the family members are saying that they will target and they are doing so. By commenting, do tell in your opinion that how was the interview of Avinash.

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