BCCI Annual Contracts: BCCI Expelled These 5 Players, Career Ended

BCCI Annual Contracts: BCCI’s new contract came out. Brought bad news for five players because now it seems that the doors for Team India are closed forever for these five players because BCCI has selected its players and included in the contract those 30 players who are entitled for annual contracts. Were.

Apart from this, some other players have also been given special contracts. But these five players do not even come close to the list. Who are these five players, let us tell you one by one.

Career of these five players ended

The first name that comes in this is that of Cheteshwar Pujara. Player Shikhar Dhawan’s name comes at number two. Umesh Yadav’s name comes at number three. Yuzvendra Chahal’s name comes at number four and Deepak Hooda’s name comes at number five and now it is believed that the careers of these five are almost over because now they are not in any of the plans of things. You will hardly see the names of these players in the future plan. That is why they were not even included in the contract.

Actually, Cheteshwar Pujara performed brilliantly in domestic cricket but he scored 7,195 runs in 103 test matches for Team India. The average is above 43. There are 19 centuries and 35 are his half centuries. But now he explains to you how his career is coming to an end.

Cheteshwar Pujara has turned 36 years old. Last played a match for Team India in WTC i.e. World Test Championship. The last test was in 2023. Apart from this, Cheteshwar Pujara used to play at number three. But now Shubman Gill has confirmed his place at number three and now Cheteshwar Pujara is being removed from the team because Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma want to make a young team.

Shikhar Dhawan’s career is over

Shikhar Dhawan comes at number two. Shikhar Dhawan i.e. Gabbar of Team India who played many historic innings. But now slowly his career is also coming to a halt. Shikhar Dhawan scored 6,793 runs in 167 ODI matches for India. Average above 44 is 2700 and scored 40 half centuries. He scored 2,315 runs in 34 matches in Test cricket.

Averaged above 40 with seven centuries and five half centuries. Scored 1759 runs in 68 matches in T-Twenty. Average above 27 and 11 half-centuries. But Shikhar Dhawan’s career is also ending because he is getting older, Shikhar Dhawan is 38 years old now. As an opener.

Team India has many options. Be it Jaiswal or Rohit Sharma, they have been opening for a long time. Apart from this, if Shubman Gill also opens, there are many contenders for opening. He played his last Test match in 2018, ODI in 2022 and T-20 match in 2021. That means now even Shikhar Dhawan is not in any scheme. There is no future plan.

How did Umesh Yadav’s career end?

Umesh Yadav comes at number three, a good fast bowler. But now Team India needs young fast bowlers and the young players are performing brilliantly. Although Umesh Yadav’s career was fine. He also took wickets but now his career is almost coming to an end. Umesh Yadav has taken 170 wickets in 57 test matches. Took 106 wickets in 75 ODI matches. Took 12 wickets in nine T-Twenty matches. Umesh Yadav has also turned 36 years old. As a fast bowler who has come of age, now Team India has young fast bowlers who are continuously performing brilliantly.

Umesh Yadav is also not a part of the team continuously. The last Test was played in 2023 when the final of the World Test Championship was held. The last ODI was played in 2018 and the last match was played in 2022. So these few figures show that Umesh is also out of contract now and will be out of Team India too.

Yuzi Chahal out of contract

After this comes Yuzi Chahal where he was considered a top leg spinner of India. But 121 wickets in 72 matches. Took 96 wickets in 80 T-Twenty matches. But now he is not a part of Team India for a long time because Team India has Ravi Bishnoi. They have Akshar Patel, R Ashwin too, Ravindra Jadeja too. Washington is beautiful and Team India has many such spinners who can play all formats.

And in this context, perhaps Yuzi Chahal is being distanced from Team India a little. Yuzi Chahal is dropped again and again. Bishnoi is given chances in place of Yuzi Chahal. But now Team India is looking for a spin all-rounder. Played the last ODI match in 2023. Played the last T20 match at the age of 23. Playing the T-Twenty World Cup seems quite difficult for them.

Deepak Hooda out of contract

Apart from this, Deepak Hooda also comes in this list. 28 year old young player who had scored a century in T-Twenty but now his career also seems to be coming to an end. Got opportunities but could not take advantage of the opportunity. Now if he has forgotten that he does not get many chances in Team India, he has to score as many runs as he gets, then perhaps that is why he is out. 153 runs in 10 ODI matches.

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368 runs in which T20 match? Even a century. His name appeared in a list and a record was made. But now slowly everyone is forgetting Deepak Hooda. Despite getting opportunities, it flopped. The young players immediately embraced the opportunity to score runs if they got a chance to play for India.

He played the last ODI in 2022 and the last T20 match in 2023. These are some five players for India. Whose career is probably over now. It will be interesting to see whether any one or two of these players are able to make a comeback in the BCCI central contract in the coming time or not.

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