Big Boss OTT 2 Finale Live Voting Result, Winner Updates, Check Latest Updates 2023

Grand Finale Live Updates: Today is the finale of Big Boss. Yes friends and on the occasion of this grand finale everyone is wishing that their favorite contestant and their favorite player win this season. 15 contestants came inside the Bigg Boss house and in these 15 contestants there are only two people namely Abhishek Malhan i.e. Fukra Insaan and Elvish Yadav who have the potential to win.

Their voting has become so high that now even Bigg Boss is confused, friend. It is being told that voting has broken the record. The record in voting has also been broken in some cases because there was unlimited voting here and where the contest between the two was neck-to-neck with multiple votes, big news has come to the fore.

Live Updates

8:30 PM Updates: Top 2 Confirmed

Triggered Insaan has confirmed that Abhishek Malhan has reached the top two. Yes friends, you must have seen it in a video recently. Triggered Insaan is known because whenever his mother goes there for a shoot, she gets an update. He said somewhere in his talks that Abhishek is in the top two.

Many people were thinking that Pooja Bhatt should not win. Let it be clear that the top 2 have been revealed and they are our Abhishek and Elvish and the final voting is about to happen live which will be the episode premiere na. And when all the contestants will go out, after all the top will be saved, then live voting will be opened for 10 minutes. Don’t worry the votes you have voted so far will also count. The one who wins by combining both will come in front.

6:00 PM Updates: Makers Big Twist In Voting, Live Voting For Big Boss Winner

There is big news about voting that after all there will be someone victorious, so how will it happen, then this is going to be live voting. Fukra, Insaan vs Elvish Yadav. Yes, top two contestants will be selected inside the show. However, the rest of the contestants will be eliminated one by one and in the end there will be live voting between the top two who will survive and the one who will get the most votes inside the live voting can be the winner of this season of Bigg Boss.

The makers are keeping live voting because the votes have come so much that now they are not even being counted. There is multiple voting due to which even the makers got confused as to how the votes should be counted and somewhere else. That’s why come up with a formula for live voting. However, there is no complete confirmation on how and in what manner the live voting will take place.

But it is being told that if there is live voting then there will be a tough competition between the two.

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