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Bigg Boss OTT 2 Voting: If we talk about the voting trend of Bigg Boss, then people are voting so much, they are voting a lot for their favorite contestant. Everyone wants to see their favorite contestant as the winner. It has only been two days since the voting lines were opened and the figures of voting that are coming out will blow your senses.

Close to 15 million people voted, which means close to 1.5 crore people voted to make their favorite contestant win. In such a situation, you are thinking that not just one contestant, it means that there are five contestants, 15 million, which is a big figure, around one and a half crore means that there is so much craze in the public, there is one and a half more days and so many votes have been cast. .

But in this we are going to tell you how many votes Elvis Yadav, Fukra Insan, Bebika, Pooja have got so far and believe me you will be blown away after hearing the votes of Elvish Yadav, Fukra Insan. It means that so many votes have been cast by the public and the competition between Elvish and Fukra humans is fierce, so let’s quickly tell you who got how many votes, who is on how many numbers.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Voting Online Today

Let us tell you that the report that has come out now, who got how many percent, how many votes. We let you all know. So first of all let me tell you that on the fifth number, he got a lot of percent votes and his voting was not even shown.

If you talk about the fourth, then Pooja Bhatt has also got very less voting, her voting was also not shown. They also got the same percentage of votes, but what a strong response Manisha Rani has got this time. The girl from Bihar is playing at number three.

Give a little competition to the two main players, tell Manisha Rani, right now, according to the report, we are telling you that 1.4 million votes have been received, that is, nine percent votes have been received, which is a big figure. It would have been a big thing for Manisha Rani, Elvish Yadav and Fukra Insan to get so many votes.

Now, if we talk about the second number, then on the second number, your favorite Abhishek Malhan i.e. Fukra Insan has got more than 6 million votes, which means 40 percent have voted.

Now if we talk about the first number, then your favorite system is on the first number. 6.9 million people voted for him, that is, can you even imagine, 70 lakh plus people voted for him. Means 50 percent public is voting for him, if you mix Abhishek Malhan’s and these two, then you will see how many are happening.

It means that close to 13 million votes have been cast for both of them in just two days and this figure may increase further. No one knows how far it will go and no one knows how much this figure has touched. It means that the way the public is voting, craze is being seen among many people.

So far, the maximum craze of this season is being seen. It was according to a report, who got how many votes, but in such a situation, tell me by commenting that whom you voted for: Fukra Insaan, Elvish Yadav, Manisha Rani or Pooja or Babika. You tell me by commenting and turn on the notification of our site for such updates.

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