Bigg Boss 17 Winner Munnawar Faruqui Leaked, BB17 Trophy

Bigg Boss 17 Winner Munnawar Faruqui Leaked: Friends, we have brought a big secret information for all of you. If you are a Dongri resident then get ready to welcome Munnawar Faruqui. If you have voted for Munnawar Faruqui then get ready to celebrate. Because Munnawar Faruqui is going to be the winner of Bigg Boss not 100% but 200%. Let us know why we are telling you this.

Is Munnawar Faruqui the winner of Bigg Boss 17?

Munnawar Faruqui is about to become a 200 percent wiener. Salman Khan is going to raise his hand and this trophy is going to go to Dongri. Let us tell you some facts quickly: Munnawar Faruqui has become the winner of Bigg Boss 17. News has also come from inside.

Munnawar Faruqui is 200% winner but know the facts behind it also. You must have seen how Munnawar Faruqui was tortured inside Bigg Boss, how he was made to cry, how he caused trouble and at the same time how Munnawar Faruqui inspired people through his mushaira, comedy, interviews, poetry. From. He played only inside Bigg Boss but outside this his public supported him.

You go and see on social media, no matter how big a star he is, be it Raftaar, Badshah, even Jacqueline, Avneet Kaur, so many people posted stories, so many people asked for votes, so many people supported Munnawar Faruqui. This was a one sided game. Meaning I got so much support. There will be a lot of difference in the number of hashtags and voting cases on Twitter.

Meaning, there is a lot of difference between the top 2. Because the level of support that Munnawar Faruqui received was incalculable. Meaning MC Stan also supported Munnawar Faruqui.

You have seen that in all the polls done by YouTubers or anyone on social media, Munnawar Faruqui remained at number 1. So just imagine here too, how far Munnawar Faruqui has gone and pick up any handle of social media and you will see Munnawar Faruqui. People will be seen doing the same.

If you are from Dongri then stand up to welcome Munnar Faruqui. Because the way you welcomed Lockup after the trophy, do the same even now. Because Munnar Faruqui is going to be the winner not 100% but 200%. Keep your heart at ease. The trophy is coming to your house. Dongri people celebrate when trophy comes to your locality. Congratulations on your trophy.

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