Blue Beetle Review: Spider Man, Ant Man, Iron Man will be seen in This movie

Blue Beetle Review: The stand alone superhero film has been released in theatres. So how is this movie? Let’s talk. This movie from James Gunn new superhero universe brings to you one such superhero. Which has nothing to do with any other DC superhero. A new superhero is introduced by DC for the first time in any movie format, which will connect to the upcoming movie.

Blue Beetle Review

If you are a Marvel fan, that means you are a hardcore fan and Marvel’s movies are in your veins, then you will be revived in this film. It will seem as if you are watching Spider-Man, Ant Man, Ironman, Black Panther together in Blue Beetle, meaning Ant Man’s suit, Ironman’s technology, Spiderman’s teenage actions.

Like Uncle Ben in Spider-Man, here the hero’s father is giving the words of great responsibility with great power. The story of the son’s connection with the talk of Black Panther is reflected here. Here in this film, even the van in Ant Man, whose horn is quite famous, has been used. Listen You will hear this same horn in this too. So the memories of Marvel will keep on coming. The movie is only two hours and seven minutes long, but if you want to watch it till the end credits, you will have to sit in the theater for two and a half hours.

Should You Watch the End Credit Scene?

Yes, it has Mid Credit and End Credit scene, in which Mid Credit is very important. But we will have one advice that it is not at all necessary to wait for the end credits. Your time will be wasted.

Blue Beetle Movie Story

By the way, if we talk about the story, then the story in the first half is very grouping. She definitely keeps you engaged. The film is a superhero but more focus is on the family of that superhero. How important is the family for that superhero and how important is his son for that family like every middle class family.

His family also has so many problems etc., all of that has been shown in this. Rest of the fight sequences, CGI, VFX, are top notch. There is no problem in that. But I did not understand one thing, which also comes in the flowers of this film. How Hero’s uncle can easily drive a hi-tech spaceship type vehicle. Where did that scarab of the blue beetle come from and why is it so powerful. There are more, but they come in spoilers, so they ignore them.

And this movie is just like any other standalone superhero movie building up a universe of its own. Where just character introduction and setup is happening. Looking at the rest overall, it is a superhero typical family friendly movie, which everyone can watch. There is a kissing scene in the last. But the calculation will be done with a smile.

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Conclusion: Blue Beetle Review

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