Border 2 Announcement: Release Date, Cast, Director, Collection, Story

Border 2 Announcement: 10 days ago if someone told you that a 65 year old actor would make a comeback in Bollywood and enter the 400 to 500 crore club, no one would believe it but it came true and the name of the person who made it come true is Sunny Deol. .

Border 2 Announcement

Sunny Deol made Gadar comeback after 22 years and broke all the records. You have printed a lot of money but there is a complaint in the hearts of many people. The content of Gadar 2 is very cool. Quality wise in comparison to Gadar, it could not create the magic that we expected after 22 years. But now the time has come to remove that complaint because Sunny Deol is once again bringing the past into the present.

Yes, this time it is the turn of 24 years old superhit blockbuster film Border. The film which released in 1997 is now going to make a comeback very soon with Border 2. Filmmaker JP Dutta, who was the director-producer of the original Border, is going to officially announce the sequel to Border very soon.

Gadar Too’s success has opened new doors in Bollywood and not just Border and sequels of many movies are now slowly releasing. By the way, do you know that Border, released in 1997, was the number one film of that year. In terms of earning money, the film was made in a budget of only 10 crores and it did a business of 65 crores, almost seven times the budget. In those days, not only money, respect was also a lot to earn.

Everyone clapped with both hands. For the first time people had seen the lives of soldiers so closely. Border is not just a film. It is an emotion, which is proved by the fact that even today, after 24 years, the songs of the film give goosebumps. Yes, so what will happen in Border 2? Let’s know.

Border 2 Announcement : Story

It is said that the film is set in the time line of Gadar 2. Means the 1971 war will be presented on the big screen. Here the India-Pakistan fight will be given the shape of a film, from which Bangladesh was born on the world map. Almost 93,000 Pakistani soldiers were captured by the Indian Army at that time. The one who surrendered to India out of fear and the mastermind of this entire operation was Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh, whose character Sunny Deol can bring back to life in Border 2.

Dekho Border has a strong real life story and a strong subject which people love to watch nowadays. India VS Pakistan. But what might pose the biggest problem in the making of the film would be its massive starcast. Yes, Purani Wali Border was a multi starrer movie. For the time being, it is only known from the report that Sunny Deol will be seen in the new part two from the old border. Rest of the old actors will not be seen or the most difficult task will be to finalize the star cast for this new border. Big actors would be required because it is about patriotism.

In 2018 also an attempt was made to make Border 2

The biggest advantage with Gadar 2 was that the director of that film kept the star cast as it was without any changes. Because of this, the public easily connects with Gadar Two. Because even after 22 years it seemed that the same old Hero Heroine, same old emotions. Now it is being said in Border 2 that along with Sunny Deol some new generation popular actresses will be cast. Because of which the budget of the film can be very high. Pick up Sidharth Malhotra’s Shershaah character from Uri featuring Vicky Kaushal, along with Vidyut Jammwal’s commando avatar. Low border to ready.

Here one thing is very important for you to know. By the way, director JP Dutta tried to repeat the success of his film Border once in 2018 as well. His film came in the name of Paltan, whose starcast was very wide but that film did a business of 10 crores. It turned out to be a flop. But this time when the border will be written in the title, the public’s attention will automatically come. This will become the public key. Just like Gadar 2.

If everything fits content, subject, quality and starcast then it is ready. Gadar to is just a tableau. The border is still pending. Really, it will start a thousand crore club inside India, because the whole of India will break into theatres. If you go to support the border then why wait for them to come?

How do you see the decision to make Border Two after Gadar Two, whether you hit it on the spot or overconfidence. The way to earn money Will there be record rain like Gadar 2 or will there be a stain on the honor of the border by taking a hasty decision. Do give your opinion in the comment.

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