Don 3 Teaser Review: Don 3 teaser will be seen with Gadar 2, Ranveer Singh will replace Shahrukh

Don 3 Teaser Review: Everything was going great in 2023. Shahrukh Khan starts in the first month itself. Pathan I set the box office on fire. Thousand crores is as if it was a game of the left hand. The wait for the young man started again for them. Everyone was dying to see SRK’s maasi avatar. Ever since his old announcement came. But in the midst of all this, such news comes, on which the social media completely flares up. People got emotional. With only one film, because the name of this film was Don 3.

Powerful Teaser of Don 3 Released

One such promise which Farhan Akhtar director had made 12 years back in part two’s end scene. But now, as often happens, the promise was broken and the Don franchise would continue, but Don was thrown out of it. Yes, Don is going to be made, but Shahrukh Khan will not be present in it. People went mad on hearing such news. Anger erupted like a volcano and it came to know who is going to be the new don.

When Ranveer Singh’s name came up, people were talking bad. It is no small thing to compete with the fan power of Shah Rukh Khan. Just a month before today, on July 6, 7 or 8, the official announcement of Don 3 was to be made. Such reports were coming out, but nothing came. Two regions were told behind this. One, at the same time Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan preview came out on 10th July.

In such a situation, there would have been an announcement of Don, without him there would have been such abuses in the comment section that the makers themselves would have been embarrassed. On the decision to make Don 3. Secondly, at the same time the hype of Salaar had become very solid. The announcement of Don 3 in front of Prabhas would have remained hidden somewhere in the corner but now the time has moved forward and we do not know whether the public of our new don Ranveer Singh Kitni Paise Earn is a hit or not but everyone is clapping for his performance. Is.

Don 3 teaser will come with Gadar 2

The guy has made a solid comeback. Acting wise and career is getting back on track so just the iron was hot. The makers of Don 3 killed the hammer and the announcement video of the film has finally been revealed. Now they are also saying that this is just a small sample. A proper teaser has also been prepared in which Ranveer Singh’s face will be revealed as a don. This teaser will also be attached in the theaters, along with Gadar Two, such things are circulating in the market.

Look man, tell me honestly, replacing a big star is a very difficult task in his own franchise, it becomes a risky project, like originally when SRK did the remake of Don, people didn’t accept him at all. Was wondering how this guy would be able to replace Amitabh sir, but the response the film got, that time makers would not have even imagined.

After the success, the sequel had to be made and public demand. Some time ago, it was also reported from the reports that Don 3 will be Shahrukh Khan’s film only. Also a face off plan was done, in which both the dons would have come face to face. It was also said that Ranveer Singh was to be introduced in this project as a new don, SRK and Amitabh sir would have brought out the don. Planned to reboot the series.

Personally, you will ask us if you have given up on Shah Rukh Khan. To think of any other actor in his place will be no less than a sin. Shahrukh has a different level of screen presence. The happiness that one gets seeing them on the big screen has no equal. In Jawan, he did only a small dance in which you are calling yourself a villain. Literary people went mad after seeing a scene, then imagine if this guy would play the character of a villain don in today’s time for three hours, theaters would have put up board of housefull for months.

Now the makers have not been abused, the makers do not have even an iota of doubt about it, but whether they will be able to convert it into applause or not, that thing will be challenging. In the midst of all this, only one person will be benefited. That Ranveer Singh will get a chance to play a completely different character, he had played the iconic role of Khilji. His shades can be seen in this new don avatar. Cruel, brutal, cunning character, a proper hero in the Don series, Ranveer will also have a chance to play a role which he has not got till date in 83, Jayeshbhai Jordaar or Rocky Rani etc.

They are simply presented as goodbyes. Their potential doesn’t come out through that. Ranveer’s vibe will match 100 percent with the character of Don, a devil with brains, a madman, full of energy. Ranveer Singh can fit in this narration but making a film and being good at it. He does not give any guarantee that the film will do well at the box office, that guarantee can only be given by the public.

If the public accepts Ranveer then crackers will burst at the box office because mass cinema is in fashion. Don 3 will set fire but the comparison with Shahrukh Khan will be very strong and keep it in writing that if Ranveer copies him then the box office of the film will be closed. What is your opinion about this, will definitely tell in the comment.

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