Dream Girl 2 Review: Story, Star Cast Performance, Watch or Not?

Dream Girl 2 Review: Friends Ayushmann Khurrana’s new film Dream Girl 2 has been released. Friends, you have noticed one thing, in our Bollywood, making part two after part one and running films is a very crooked job. Often people fail, but there are some who directly win the public by making part two and if the public gets involved, understand that all the records will be turned to dust. Now this sequel has entered the competition with its sequel. You must have heard the name Dreamgirl. Pooja who looted the hearts of the public three years ago in such a way that the film made in 28 crores earned 200 crores. But is that thing in Part II or not just for printing money. Let’s know.

Dream Girl 2 Review : Story

Talking about the story, this time the story has gone a level ahead. Last time I heard my dream girl. Now you can finally see it with your eyes. But talking to 10 people on one phone is an easy task. How is it possible for a dream girl to fall in love with 10 people face to face? Even then it was fine till Aashiqui, but things go out of hand when Dream Girl’s marriage enters the story.

It doesn’t seem impossible for a boy to fall in love with another boy by becoming a girl. There is a 1% chance, but the boy marries the boy, disguised as a girl. Got a 440 volt shock. Watch Dream Girl’s voice, give face to her words. It’s really like promoting part one. Now it is a natural thing. If a character is not only heard but also seen, then there will be more opportunities for comedy and entertainment.

But this should have been his biggest advantage. He actually became a tough challenger for Dream Girl 2. We have a treasure trove. Of a movie like Aunty Number One, which even after 25 years is considered iconic because of Govinda sir’s acting. That comedy is not just about words. Situations are created in such a way that one laughs on seeing them, they don’t have to narrate but make them feel. When Ayushmann was caught under the same rule in Dream Girl 2, then both the films were bound to have a new and old comparison.

Star Cast Performance

Now the best thing about Dream Girl 2 is that this film is made for middle class audience, for people like me and you. Picking up our normal talk from among us, inserting comedy in it and calling it from the mouth of a boy, the idea in a girl’s voice is not bad and to be honest, say the dialogues of Dream Girl 2 or make jokes, they are not bad. We must have laughed at such things at one time or the other.

The big problem is the feelings and the situations that we told you about in association with Aunty Number One. In these situations, the public will not trust even one percent. It was already clear that movies like Dream Girl 2 are made by doing a little over. Extra masala is needed in everything, acting will be a little over, dialogues will be written a little over and the way they speak will be forced to be funny. It was meant to say that before going to see Dream Girl 2, you have to leave your mind at home.

We already knew this thing, but when you compare Dream Girl 2 with Dream Girl One, you will understand that she is really strong in that story and can be trusted. In the time of unemployment, a boy talks like a girl, shares the pain of people’s heart and in return is earning money and feeding himself. But there is no such sequence in Dream Girl 2. Just 50 things of the story have been added here and there. Have you seen comedy shows with amazing actors and jokes? Just two hours on TV will have the same feel inside the theatre. If you watch it with your family, everyone will easily enjoy it. Just these things will help Dream Girl.

Should you watch this movie or not?

What is my opinion about this film, I saw this film alone, so no such connection was made. I had the feeling of bringing down the respect of Part One by making a reverse sequel. There is no doubt that Ayushmann is over in acting because he is not used to seeing him over acting. Lekin Banda Maje Karaega Full Dream Girl wala jo character hai inka wo aunty number one jaisa iconic nahi sahi but if both come together in unison then you will not be able to refuse.

Ananya Pandey just spoiled the atmosphere a bit, because she does bulldozer acting, not over. Eye, ear, mind all the three public will be injured. Even in an over the top comedy film, if the performance of an actor gets knocked down, it is a very difficult task. Dream Girl 2 gets 2 out of 5 stars from us.

Firstly, to make a family phone which children, old and young will all enjoy. The second few seriously funny moments are few and far between, but they have their punch.

In negative, first of all the story is not actually there in the film. The bus comedy show is of two hours. Secondly, the power that Dream Girl had in her voice alone was not utilised. When she was actually in front of you. Third, the actors are full of wonders. There is some legend of comedy inside him. But no one has much to do. You can watch with family but don’t go alone. Expecting something like Part One, you will be disappointed and what do you have to say about the movie, do tell in the comments.

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