Big Boss OTT 2: Elvish extends hand of friendship with Avinash, what is the plan behind it

Elvish extended the hand of friendship to Avinash: Today something very surprising happened inside the Bigg Boss house. Yes friends, Elvish extended the hand of friendship with Avinash here. After all, let’s know why Elvish did this.

Elvish extended the hand of friendship to Avinash

The Avinash here is in the bathroom area. Elvish goes to him and talks to him that what happened brother? Are you still angry, are you angry?

Here Avinash says no, no, there is nothing like that, then he tells here that whatever had happened, I was not mean. If you feel bad, then I would like to say that I was not mean.

However, he did not apologise. Then Avinash also says that I was speaking only because I was also not doing any mean. Everything is cool from my side.

Here Elvish also says that everything is right from my side, on this both of them shake hands with each other, but Elvish’s trick was that he tells Fukra Insaan in spring.

Fukra tells Insaan that look brother, I have befriended Avinash. Now why have I made this friendship? Let me tell you this too. I befriended him because now he will not be afraid to fight with me.

Now he understood that I do not mean all this and I have told him that I do not mean him, so he should not take things to heart.

Now he will be able to fight openly with me. Like I tell him that I will slap him on the head. So that he will feel that he does not mean and will be able to fight openly. This is where I want

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