Falak Naaz became crazy about Elvish Yadav as soon as he came out of the house, Falak Naaz interview

Falak Naaz interview: Friends, if we talk about the live updates of Bigg Boss house, then you all must know that Falak Naaz was evicted from the house on this weekend and he has been evicted from the house only with the consent of the family members. He has given an interview as soon as he comes out of the house, let’s know what he has said in the interview.

Falak Naaz became an Elvish addict

Like friends, after Falak was evicted from the house, he recently gave an interview in which he was asked some questions about the family members. When he was asked how Elvish Yadav is, he said that he is very good and is playing the game well at home.

Because he had a wild card entry. Due to which he came from outside seeing and understanding the game and he is playing very well and at the same time he said that Elvish Yadav is also a competitor of Abhishek.

After this he said about Fukra Insaan that he sees her winning quality. After this, when he was asked about Avinash, he refused to tell about him.

She said some things that when I was coming out of the house, Avinash had held her hand and was not letting her go. He was saying that I can’t believe, how can you go and while leaving he said that you wait for me.

After this, Falak is asked that will you wait for Avinash, then Falak says yes, I will wait for him. Then she is asked that we can see this relationship in a relationship, then Falak says that yes, maybe till now I would like to keep it and I cannot say anything further.

After this he said that I am a little angry with Pooja Bhatt because if she had any displeasure with me, she should have said it on my face. He should not have made such complaints to Babika.

Well, every member who has come out has definitely turned away from his words because after coming out, they can see the fan following of Fukra Insaan and Elvish Yadav and their own trolling.

Friends, here Falak Naaz has come out and turned around and has called Elvish Yadav true of heart and Fukra Insaan has been called the quality of life in him. In such a situation, when the reason was inside the house, she used to talk against both of them.

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But now he is in her support after coming out and has turned against Pooja Bhatt. Friends, what is your opinion, will definitely tell us in the comment and turn on the notification of our site for such updates.

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