Falak replied on Triggered Insaan Roast video as soon as he came out of Bigg Boss house

Falak replied on Triggered Insaan Roast video: Falak Naaz gave an interview after coming out of Bigg Boss house. In the interview, he kept his point on the video of Triggered Insaan and the word Janani. He also wrote here for Elvish Yadav. Let’s know.

Falak replied on Triggered Insaan Roast video

He wrote about Elvish that Elvish came to the house with the intention of winning and he woke up the sleeping house. But friends tell you that when he was asked about the video of Triggered Insaan.

So he said that I had no idea before going into the house that both Triggered Insaan and Abhishek Malhan are brothers. Although I do not know Triggered Insaan at all. I only know Abhishek.

I came to know after going home that Abhishek’s brother is Triggered Insaan because Abhishek used to take his brother’s name many times in the house and from there I came to know that he makes such videos.

Then Falak says that now I am out of the house and when Abhishek comes out of the house, he will congratulate his brother. Everyone has different intentions, you cannot sit quietly in the Bigg Boss house.

Because all the time something or the other happens, some bad happens and some good happens. After this she says that no problem, it is her to do, I do not think that Abhishek will like this thing.

I have not said anything wrong about Abhishek which triggered has said about me or my brother in his video and I find such roast very personal.

He should not have done this and I am glad that there was no misunderstanding between me and Abhishek while leaving the house. ,

On the other hand, on the word of friends Janani, he said that all this is normal for me and I said it just as a joke. It was just joking and says I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

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