On public demand, Falak will be evicted in place of Aashika, know the reason

Falak will be evicted from big boss: Friends, you are aware that the weekend war of Bigg Boss OTT is going on and two contestants are going to be evicted this week. Now who are these two contestants? Let’s know who is going to be evicted from home.

In place of Aashika, now Falak Naaz will be evicted from the house.

Friends, let us tell you that earlier the makers had thought about the eviction of one contestant but suddenly they changed their decision and now they will evict two contestants and they had earlier thought of evicting Jad Hadid and Aashika.

But now they have changed their decision and now they are going to evict Falaq Naaz from the house along with Jad Hadid. Now tell you why this has happened.

So this has been done considering the reaction of the public. The public has said that if Falak Naz was to be thrown out, then why do you make us vote.

Let us tell you that Falak Naaz and Jad Hadid got the least number of votes and Aashika got more votes than both of them. Even after this, earlier the news of Ashika Bhatia being thrown out of the house was given.

But after this the reaction of the public came very dangerous and then on the basis of voting, Falak Naaz has got the least number of votes and news has come that on Sunday i.e. today, Falak Naaz will be seen evicted from the house.

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Friends, right now a different game is being played in Bigg Boss itself, he is playing with the emotions of the public, sometimes he takes some decisions and sometimes he is taking some decisions. Friends, what would you like to say in this whether it is right to remove Falak Naaz from the house or it is right to remove Ashika? We will definitely tell in the comment and if you like the information, then do share it and turn on the notification of the website for such updates.

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