Fighter Motion Poster: Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, Anil Kapoor First Look

Fighter Motion Poster: 2023 is very special because it is the year of comebacks that repeats again and again. Shah Rukh Khan created a new box office record with Pathan in the Bollywood calendar. When the number of thousand crores came, Sunny Deol broke big records from Gadar 2, so many that you will not be able to count and now add the third one to this list, which is going to shake 2024 with its comeback right after 2023 ends.

Fighter Motion Poster

Hrithik Roshan’s last film Vikram Veda. She probably could not reach what the public expects from her. The matter remained a bit cold but now this guy is coming back to explain his worth to Bollywood and know who is the mastermind of his comeback this time. The one who rocked the box office by making Shahrukh Khan a Pathan. Hrithik Roshan bringing Siddharth Anand in a film which probably no one has ever tried to make in Indian cinema till date. And amazingly, Hrithik will be supported by the one who came as Pathan’s better half in the beginning of 2023, Deepika Padukone.

Fighter is the treasure from which Bollywood is going to get very rich. Content wise as well as money wise. Indian cinema will go to the whole world. Today is August 15 and Hrithik Roshan’s career along with the whole country has got freedom from the break of 2023. Yes, a small motion poster of Fighter has been released which introduces the subject of the film to the public.

Hrithik Roshan is gracing the teaser with his magical screen presence. He is definitely made for such a Larger Than Life type role. By the way, this film reminded me of war. There was also the same team, Siddharth Anand and Hrithik Roshan, both of them will do the same blast again. Deepika Padukone is really the only actress who can make her place even in a film starring Hrithik Roshan. Now Anil Kapoor has come as a surprise. His role may probably bring some twist etc. Don’t know if he becomes a villain.

Hrithik Roshan fighter will give competition to Hollywood movie

You have just seen the Hindi version of The Night Manager. Did the guy play the evil character with style? Something similar should happen once again in Fighter. So now the point is that after watching the motion poster teaser, people must have felt that the film is normal. Nothing special and extraordinary has been shown like this, then why has it been hyped so much that it has never been made before in India? What’s the matter? So friends tell you fighter is an aerial action. Aerial means Hrithik Roshan is going to do action in the sky above!

Fighter Movie Release Date

You have seen in Hollywood like Tom Cruise does big stunts. While Hollywood has Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible or Top Gun etc., Hrithik Roshan is there in his Bollywood, he will do such stunts that will shake your heart. This time the fight is also special because many such movies have been made in Indian cinema which pay tribute to the army. Due to which the child respects him, but this time the Air Force will be given the proper tribute which it deserves. No, don’t get me wrong. Many movies have been made on the Airforce as well, but often their bravery is shown on the ground or explained politically.

But this time a top level actor has never seen or heard the story. Tribute will be given to the Airforce only where they work as heroes in the sky. The release date of Fighter Same Pathan Wali Hai 25 January 2023 has been changed to 2024. There is another good news for Hrithik fans. After Fighter, the guy is going back to his roots. Hey, that’s the name you all want to hear. Krrish 4 is about to happen.

Yes, and it has been learned that immediately after Fighter, the papa-beta ki jodi will start shooting for it. Perhaps the director of that film has to be changed. There also the name of Siddharth Anand is going ahead. Aage Dekho Hota Hai Kya Kya Fighter ka motion poster mere ek word mere liye hoga powerful. This is only one percent, the remaining 99 percent is still hidden.

Conclusion : Fighter Motion Poster

Friends, in today’s post, we have given you the review of Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming film Fighter. If you have liked this review, then do share it and do turn on the notification of the site for such updates.

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