Big Boss OTT 2: Fukra Insaan spoke heart to Elvish, said only I will win

Fukra Insaan spoke heart to Elvish: Talking about Bigg Boss OTT live feed, friends, let us tell you that Fukra Insaan and Elvish Yadav are seen sitting here talking. Actually they are talking the same thing which was done during the task which we have also told you.

Fukra is getting support from her brother

One thing came out here which was about your vote. Fukra must be getting a lot of votes for Triggered Insaan here. Elvish had said this and said that I am here to support you. You are already a winner for me. On this, the fukra man kept his point fiercely and was also seen agreeing with Elvis.

Here Fukra Insaan told that I never asked Triggered Insaan for help for anything in life, nor did he try to force me. We both do our separate work. We both live in our own space. He is my elder brother. I respect him a lot and love him a lot too.

Somebody must have said something to me inside the house, then outside the house he must have put on his light and it would be true too. If he himself is seeking votes for me, then why would he be seeking no doubt in this?

Because he is my brother, he loves me very much and I love him too. At the same time, Elvis also says the same thing here that look, neither of us had anything outside. But we have met. We have had our talk. We both knew each other. When we came inside the house, we also got to know each other’s nature and maybe I will treat you like my brother and you also behave like my brother.

This house is running to eat me up

On this, Fukra Insan said that no doubt, when you came to the house, even for a second, the thought did not cross my mind that my votes would be divided or this will happen, that will happen. After coming to your house for two days, I realized that now maybe I will be able to stay inside this house. I had been inside this house for more than 30 days.

This house was running to eat me. On this, Elvis says that brother, I can understand when you wake up in the morning and the walls that cut you down to sleep, I can understand. That’s why I said that you have traveled. You have traveled a lot longer than me and in my view you are the real winner, no matter who wins. Fukra people also say on this that see brother, even in my eyes, I am the winner because I have been living for so many days. I know how what happened to me.

Apart from this, if I see anyone as a winner, then Elvis it would be you, because if anyone can think in my way from my situation, live like me, think like me, then it is you. I didn’t think you’d be as brainwashed as you are or that you would be like this. But I know that you are a straight man. Your mind works right and you cannot think bad about anyone.

On top of this, Elvis has said that after coming inside the house, I also came to know a lot about me. I came to know that I cannot hate anyone. There is, isn’t it, those who keep enmity, I cannot keep this enmity. I know that I will be angry with someone for two days. I would think that he is my enemy. But if he is in front of me on the third day, I will shake hands with him. Will hug and see. The same thing happened with Avinash, didn’t it? Initially, I was provoking her intentionally because friends had come inside the house.

Elvish said I can’t keep enmity with anyone

Elvis knew whom to target directly and or he woke up Avinash in a way and Avinash is seen saying something or the other. Elvis also says that I can’t hate anyone and if there is a winner for me even inside the house then you are my brother and that’s why I have told you before that I am not only inside the house but also if we go outside then for me you and your friendship will be above all.

However, after listening to the conversation of these two inside the Bigg Boss house, Fukra Insan says the same thing that what matters to us. Trophy doesn’t matter to us. It matters how many hearts we kept, how many hearts we were able to connect with. This thing matters. No matter how big a person may become, but if people do not like him, then what will happen.

Now even if we talk about the old season, Asim was no less a winner. He was also a good game player. Well played on that and many people’s hearts connected with him and people liked Asim. On the other hand, more people liked Siddharth. But it is not that Asim got hate. People also liked Asim.

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Whether we talk about any other season, let’s talk about Hina Khan. Hina Khan didn’t win the show but she won hearts. What matters more is the winner, we have already become one for ourselves. After listening to Fukra Insan, even Elvis agrees. do you agree? So do tell us through the comment and turn on the notification for such updates.

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