Gadar 2 Advance Booking Report: Leaving Pathan and OMG 2 behind, Gadar 2 made a new record

Gadar 2 Advance Booking Report: This often happens in hearings. If someone earns money, he cannot earn respect. Everyone doubts his collection, then there are some who get the money very nominally but respect is forever. Under rated category but a film earns both these things, that too together in such a way that the rest of the moviegoers just keep watching. I wish we could do something like this. Gadar 2 has done such a thing whose hype has increased 100 times not because of any PR promotion controversy, but only because of the love of the public.

Gadar 2 VS Pathan Advance Booking Report

When Sunny Deol and team announced that they are going to make a sequel to their legendary film Gadar after 22 years, everyone was in doubt. Will he spoil his name? Wouldn’t the powers of Gadar be misused just to earn money or would the director be tempted to make Gadar 2 just to relaunch his son’s career.

But as the release date of the film is nearing, all the above questions have gone up in smoke. His becoming so much hype in the storm of Gadar 2 among the people, that too when Bollywood itself is not getting much support. Yes, the most shocking thing is that almost after 20 years a popular franchise returned and not a single person from Bollywood posted any post about it. Otherwise, you must have seen how much unity suddenly arises in Bollywood when movies of popular producers etc. come.

But never mind, I have always said that public is the king. If the rights of the people are on the head of Sunny Deol, then the hand pump will be uprooted. The advance booking report of the film is out. Everyday she blows everyone’s mind. Such craze is being seen after a long time. To understand why the advance booking of Gadar 2 has created so much hue and cry. We tell you the game of numbers. Keep your mind open a bit. Pathan is the biggest film of this year. Shahrukh Sahab made a comeback. After four years, the king’s chair was snatched back.

The film blew the box office to such an extent that the rest of Bollywood kept dreaming of it. Did a business of more than thousand crores, but thousand crores did not come just like that overnight. The real game started when the advance booking for Pathan opened. The film had sold more than 10 lakh tickets in advance booking. It is difficult to get around the record that is there. Advance booking of more than 30 crores was also done by Pathan, due to which he had scored a century in the all-over world on the very first day. Now we tell you, be prepared to be surprised at the number of Gadar 2 because the film has gone much further than you thought.

Gadar 2 VS OMG 2 Advance Booking Report

Talking about the day before the advance booking of Gadar 2, more than 1 lakh tickets have already been sold. If you calculate a little, Sunny Deol has done a business of 3.5 crores almost five to six days before the release of the first day. Now you will say that it is only 3.5 crores. What is there to create air in this? This is just a small number my friend. There is still a lot of time to release the film. Believe me, when only 1 lakh with advance booking will turn into 5 to 6 lakh, keep watching. The thing to note here is that Pathan was a modern generation film.

That’s why his audience was also social media. People were booking tickets in a hurry by picking up the phone. But Gadar Two is a family generation film. Your father, mother, grandparents, all these people do advance booking through their phones. Despite that think if 1 lakh tickets have been sold then it is sure that today’s modern audience is also taking interest in it. And believe me the number of onspot booking of Gadar 2 will be very high. As much as no one would have thought even remotely. In the single screen theatre, you forget the ticket for the first three days, everything is going to be sold out.

Don’t be too shocked, if Gadar 2’s first day collection number will touch 30 to 40 crores only in India. If you want to understand more clearly how big this number is, then OMG 2 is standing in front of Gadar 2. Let me tell you its advance booking. The film has sold only 20 to 25,000 tickets so far but the collection is around 60 to 70 lakhs. Means Akshay Kumar is currently far behind in the race. And as I told you above, Gadar too has money as well as respect in the hearts of people.

That’s why the train of Gadar 2 is not going to stop in just three days. Gadar Two will run in theaters for at least a month. It will find its new audience every day. Together with the repeat family, people will watch twice. Before Jawan hits the theaters on September 7, anyone who comes in Sunny Deol’s way will be cut into pieces. Can’t even count now. There are five full days left for the finals. Let’s see how high the advance booking goes. Not only Bollywood people, but the public will make this film sit on their heads.

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