Gadar 2 Advance Booking Report: Movie sold so many tickets on the first day

Gadar 2 Advance Booking Report: Nowadays in the film industry, pictures run on the basis of their hype. The more the air in the market, that is, about which everyone is talking, then it is obvious that the more money will be received. One would have been a PR person, his air would have gone out. In the first three days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the car moves slowly on the road ahead with punctures.

But the second one, which is air, is made public. There will be no noise on social media, but the poster of the film must have been printed in the minds of the people. Big big Gadar too. This is the picture which has made the second one a breeze. If you go to your ground level and see, no other film has more solid hype than this. It is a very difficult task to get the public on your side. Whether the film is good or bad, people will support your film only on the basis of emotions like you have seen the condition of Lal Singh Chadha. If people have made up their mind not to see, then not to see. Everyone stood up together. Exactly the opposite is happening with Gadar 2. People have decided that if they want to see the film, they will. No one can stop you.

Didn’t enjoy watching the trailer, will still watch the movie

The trailer came, honestly people did not enjoy what everyone had expected after 22 years. Mix response was being received everywhere. But even then when you ask people, everyone will say without going. The trailer went to hell, let the bookings for the film open. I will book the ticket first and this is what has happened. On the basis of this confidence, the makers of Gadar 2 have prepared a solid game plan and the advance booking of the phone has been opened almost two weeks before the release.

It was not just opened, people are broken on this film. Do you know the most shocking thing? It is easy to sell tickets in multiplexes etc. People go to the website and make bookings sitting at home, but in the case of Gadar 2, multiplexes are far behind. These single screen theaters are on fire. From here the path opens. This is the real public’s love for a film to go beyond 100 crores to achieve 300, 500 and thousand crore numbers.

Gadar 2 will earn 5000 crores

Let us quickly convert it into numbers and tell you what Gadar 2 has done in such a way that it seems to be a game of thousands of school children. First of all, tell me something wonderful. It is very important for you to know. Gadar holds the world record for selling the maximum number of tickets.

Yes, 22 years back in 2001, Sunny Deol’s film had sold 100 million tickets. Think how many percent of the people of India saw the film in theatres. If the ticket prices at that time were as expensive as today’s era, then brother, try to calculate. Gadar’s collection would have been so high that even today no film had the guts to reach near its record. The director of the film himself spoke at an event. When Gadar was released, the ticket was available for ₹ 25. Had it been released in today’s time, the collection would have been 5000 crores.

Chalo Gadar 2 Ka Haal Chaal Baatein Aapko Paise Kaise Mein To Be Hit And See How Much Advance Booking Report Has Arrived. Talking about the budget, the budget of Gadar 2 is around 100 crores. Can be kept slightly up and down. No one knows the exact number. 90 crores have been spent on making them and the remaining 10 crores have been spent on promotion. The budget becomes a total century. Now the amount of money a film has to earn to become a hit, honestly if you ask us it will go way beyond that number in the first week itself.

Because the long weekend from 11th August to 15th August is available. You can easily consider Sunny Deol team as 100 to 200 crores for sure and the proof of this is the awareness among the public regarding the advance booking of the film.

Makers made a plan to earn money from the movie

Just pay attention to this thing. The release of a film and someone remembering the release date of a film by word of mouth, there is a world of difference between these two things and this is the reason that just a few hours after the opening of the advance booking of Gadar 2, tickets are being sold in small and big cities. The meter turned red. Yes, a report has come out, according to which 15% of the advance booking tickets for Gadar 2 have already been sold in just a few hours. Telling with a little detail in numbers, till today when you are reading this article, the film has earned 60 to 70 lakhs by selling almost 25 thousand to 30,000 tickets. If it continues like this, then on August 11, Gadar 2 will easily do business of 20 to 25 crores.

You keep this thing in writing and how this 20 to 25 will reach 30 to 40 on the next day, you will not be able to understand. In three days, you will be able to see the number of 100 crores comfortably near the film. On the other hand, advance booking of Akshay Kumar’s film Omg 2 has also been opened. The scissors of the censor board have been reined in. Will never make the mistake of taking him lightly. His subject is a double-edged sword, either he will raise them or he will drown them.

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