Gadar 2 Collection Day 3: Gadar 2 will earn 200 crores, Bollywood upset

Gadar 2 Collection Day 3: Straight ₹ 52 crores in a day. All the films have been washed away in the storm of Gadar 2. The real test of Gadar 2, which released three days back, was yesterday, a Sunday when everyone has a holiday. Everyone was thinking that today is the real exam of Gadar and let’s see what will be the result of it.

Gadar 2 Collection Day 3

A while ago, the result of Gadar Two came in front of everyone, seeing which everyone was stunned. Gadar 2 earned ₹40 crore on the first day. On the second day, this earning increased to ₹ 43 crores and yesterday, on the third day, Gadar 2 has earned ₹ 52 crores by tearing the roof. After earning ₹ 52 crore straightaway, now Gadar 2’s total gross has crossed ₹ 135 crore in just three days. Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan all the superstars have been swept away in Sunny Deol’s storm.

After the huge success of this film in Bollywood, there is such silence that no one is saying anything. You will remember that when Pathan was earning, many actors came in his support and said that because of Pathan, the audience has now returned to the cinema halls.

But questions have always been raised on Pathan’s real earnings, but if you want to see the truth of Gadar 2, go to any cinema hall. Seeing the crowd, you will know how true is the earning of Gadar 2. Tickets are hard to get. Movie tickets are not available in black also. Gadar 2’s next target is ₹ 150 crores, which the film will break today.

It is expected that the film will earn the highest on 15th August. Gadar 2 will cross 200 crores in two days. When a film becomes a people’s film, all records automatically break. The same happened with the first mutiny. At that time the film had earned ₹76 crores, which is equivalent to ₹500 crores today. Friends, what would you say on the earnings of Gadar 2? We must tell in the comment and turn on the notification of our site for such updates.

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