Gadar 2 Collection Day 8, Total Collection, Worldwide, Overseas Collection

Gadar 2 Collection Day 8: Friends, never in the history of Bollywood has this happened till date, which has been shown by Gadar 2. The film has made a tremendous collection on its sixth day and seventh day’s earnings. He has made the biggest record. He has earned such a huge income that till today neither anyone had nor had anyone ever thought. Where the film’s sixth day and seventh day earnings are surprising. All the figures have gone wrong be it Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan or Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai.

Be it a film of Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgan. Seeing everyone’s film left behind, no big superstar’s film till date has been able to do what Bollywood’s biggest action hero Sunny Deol’s film Gadar completed.

Friends, in this post we are going to talk about the full seven days worldwide box office collection of Gadar movie. In its first six days the film managed to collect Total Kitni. What was the collection of the film on the sixth day because all the figures were wrong and talk about how much the film is earning today on the seventh day and how much the film is earning inside India in total seven days. At the same time, what is the total collection of the film in the whole world.

Earned crores despite being released on fewer screens

Friends, as you all know that the fans were waiting for the film Gadar 2 for many years and emotions were associated with this film, but as soon as this film was released in theaters, the film created a stir. He made big records. In its first seven days itself, this film raised the flag of success, which has probably never happened before and will not happen in the future. Because the film Gadar 2 is earning so fast. You would never have seen such a quick earning before.

Friends, all the figures have gone wrong. Now let us tell you the full report. First of all, let us tell you that Gadar was made under the direction production of Anil Sharma. In which we saw Amisha Patel and Utkarsh Sharma in important roles along with Sunny Deol. The budget of the film is around Rs 100 crore. Although the budget of the film is not official because the makers of the film have said that about 100 crores were spent in the making and promotion of the film, so it may be that the budget of the film will be even less. But now here comes the first point that Gadar was released on only 3800 screens.

Now if a film releases on 3800 screens and earns such a huge amount, it is really surprising because Shahrukh Khan’s film gets released. Salman Khan’s film releases. Those films make money but those films have too many screens. But Gadar 2 is earning so much after its release on 3800 screens, which no film has ever been able to do till date. ,

Theaters are Completely Houseful in Big Cities like Mumbai Delhi

For your information, let us tell you that the capacity of 30% in the morning and then the occupancy of the afternoon was 55% inside Mumbai. Evening occupancy broke all records within Mumbai. That is, the record of 15th August was also broken. The occupancy of the night was recorded here, about 90 percent of the film had 850 shows and all the houses were full. Not a single seat was vacant.

If we talk about Delhi NCR, then the morning occupancy here was 31% and the afternoon occupancy was 55%. The occupancy of the evening was about 75 percent and the occupancy of the night was about 70 percent. Means the film had about 1066 shows yesterday. But in the night, on the demand of the public, more shows increased here and the total 1080 shows near the film, out of which almost 1000 are running full.

Gadar 2 Collection Day 8

If we talk about the eighth day, then friends today the biggest record has been made in the name of the film. On the eighth day also the film is earning ₹20 crore from all over India. Most of the films are not able to do this but Gadar 2 is doing it because Gadar 2 film has to become the biggest film of the year 2023 or till now all the big films of bollywood, Gadar 2 is going to top the lifetime collection in India. inside. So on the eighth day today the film is earning around ₹20 crores.

So the total India net box office collection of the film is ₹303 crores. So the same film is doing ₹405 crores worldwide. And joining the club of one of the biggest and record 303 crores within eight days is no mean feat. After Pathan, if any film will be named as the fastest and fastest to join the club of 300 crores, then the name will come from Gadar 2.

Where Gadar 2 is the second film which has earned ₹ 303 crores in the fastest time and has earned ₹ 405 crores in the whole world, then this is the biggest record and many big records are going to be made in the coming time. Just you wait and see.

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection All Day

Now talking about the box office collection of the film, friends, the way Gadar 2 has created a mutiny, it is probably worth watching and praiseworthy because it is mostly not seen and it is seen for the first time during Gadar 2.

The film earned Rs 40 crore 10 lakh from India on its first day i.e. opening day Friday. So the second day collection of the same film was Rs 43 crore 8 lakh. Then on the third day, the film had earned 51 crore 70 lakh rupees on Sunday. So in its first three days i.e. on its weekend, the film had netted Rs 134 crore 88 lakh from India.

So the film’s gross collection in India was ₹ 159 crores. The film had earned ₹ 17 crores from overseas and in total the film had earned ₹ 175 crores in its first three days worldwide. After that, on the fourth day i.e. Monday’s biggest collection is Rs 38 crore 70 lakh. On the fifth day, the film earned Rs 554 million and in its first five days, the film had netted Rs 228 million 98 million from India. At the same time, the gross collection of the film in India was ₹ 271 crores. The film had earned ₹ 28 crores from overseas and the film had grossed ₹ 299 crores worldwide.

Gadar 2 Made a Record on the Day 6

Friends, now comes the sixth day. On the sixth day, the film did a feat which no one has been able to do till date. Friends, the prediction of the sixth day was that the film would earn around ₹ 30 crores. But these figures turned out to be wrong and the film earned ₹35 crore on its 6th day by earning the biggest collection leaving all the films behind. ₹ 35 crore on its 6th day so the film’s six days total box office collection is ₹ 263 crore nett from India. At the same time, the film’s total worldwide collection has crossed the figure of Rs 342 crores.

Gadar 2 Collection Day 7

Now friends, if we talk about the seventh day i.e. today, then friends even today this film is earning around Rs 26 crores from all over India and the total seven days collection of the film is netting Rs 289 crores from India. So on the other hand, by crossing the figure of 375 crores in the whole world, it is making many big records in its name. But friends, the biggest record that this is is that no one has ever made 35 crores on the sixth day and no film has made even 26 crores on the seventh day. This is the biggest record in the name of Gadar Two. Friends, how did you like the film Gadar, do tell in the comments.

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