Gadar 2 Public Reaction: Public Review of Sunny Deol-Ameesha Patel film after watching ‘Gadar 2’?

Gadar 2 Public Reaction: Sunny Deol’s new film, Gadar 2, is out now. This gives a chance to see the pairing of Tara Singh and Sakina again after 22 years. People on Twitter have shared their reactions after Gadar 2. According to him, this film is updated and here’s what people said after watching it.

We can say it as ‘Name is big, vision is small’. Despite the huge anticipation for the release of Gadar 2, fans might be a little disappointed. That’s because it’s a machwatt film that tries to bring down your mood. If you are thinking of watching this movie, then it would be good to know the opinion of the critics and social media. There is some negativity in the general public opinion as well.

Many users have viewed Gadar 2 in a negative light. You might be surprised to know what happened to the film that was supposed to reunite Tara Singh and Sakina on the big screen after a wait of 22 years.

What is the reaction of the people?

Sunny Deol’s new film ‘Gadar 2’ is now showing in theaters and it is getting a lot of appreciation from the audience. But even after 22 years, the magic of Sunny Deol’s action has not completely captivated the audience.

One user said, “‘Gadar 2’ is a throwback movie, very much in the spirit of the 90s. The action, emotion, and performances are all very interesting. But according to some, the movie is a bit backdated.” Utkarsh Sharma’s re-effort may be a failure. Sunny Deol’s presence is not much. Visuals are scary but dialogues are very good. Some people may get headache after watching this movie. Another user said that Anil Sharma has made the film in the old fashioned way.”

The film reunites Tara Singh and Sakina on screen after 22 years, and was eagerly awaited by all. But it looks like the film hasn’t quite lived up to the expectations of the audience. People’s reactions on Twitter are confirming this.

Film expert Taran Adarsh tweeted that he has given 1.5 stars out of 5 to Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2. According to him, the film is unbearable and the direction and performances are very poor. He also told that the second half of the film is quite useless. Despite wanting to see the film through cinema, it has left them disappointed. People’s opinion about this is different, some are thinking it as a joke and some are saying that it is giving them headache.

Audience reaction

Based on the views of the viewers, a user tweeted, “Just watched ‘Gadar 2’, the movie felt like a circus. Heartbreaking to see this after ‘Main Nikla Gaddi Leke’.” The story of ‘Gadar’ is also very low level.This sequel of ‘Gadar’ movie is absolutely pointless.

Even some users believe that the film has been made in an old style and reminds the audience of the feeling of 90s. It also turned out that Sunny Deol has been given less screen space in this film. Despite this, the makers of the film tried to launch Utkarsh Sharma in the lead role, in which he could not succeed.

How did it perform at the box office?

How the film is likely to perform at the box office can also be considered. The promotion of the film is immense and the audience is hopeful that it has been prepared keeping in mind their reactions. More than 20 lakh tickets have been booked in advance on the very first day, which clearly shows that people are ready to watch the film. Even some people believe that the film can be a big hit especially among the fans of Sunny Deol and the lovers of ‘Gadar’.

Also, ‘Gadar 2’ can be a good option for family viewing, especially since Akshay’s film getting an ‘A’ certificate might be a possibility for some families. This movie can be a one time watch for the fans of ‘Gadar 2’, and with their love and blessings this movie can do well at the box office as well.

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