Gadar 2 Vs OMG 2 Collection Day 2 | Gadar 2 VS OMG 2 Collection Today

Gadar 2 VS OMG 2 Collection Day 2: Seeing the second day collection of Gadar 2, Bollywood’s eyes were left torn. On the second day, Gadar 2 has broken all the records of earning. People have gone crazy to see Tara Singh back on the screen after 22 years. The condition of every city is such that tickets for Gadar are not available there. All the shows are going housefull.

Gadar 2 VS OMG 2 Collection Day 2

Seeing the strong advance booking of Gadar 2, it was expected that the film would earn around ₹30 crores on the first day. But quite the opposite happened. Sunny Deol uprooted the handpump here and there the film earned ₹ 40 crores on the first day. Seeing the good reviews of the film, people thronged the window of the cinema hall and yesterday i.e. on the second day, Saturday, Gadar 2 wowed everyone.

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 2

The film has earned more than the first day on the second day. The film has earned ₹43 crore on the second day. Gadar 2, which was made in ₹ 80 crores, has withdrawn the entire money within just two days. Today, the real earning of Gadar 2 will start from Sunday because today is going to be a holiday for most of the people and then there is a different level of excitement among the people to watch this film on 15th August.

The next whole week there will be mutiny everywhere. The film is expected to earn around ₹50 crore today and on 15th August the figure may go up to ₹60 crore. That means Gadar can earn Rs 250 crore in the next week. If you remember, 22 years ago also the same atmosphere prevailed regarding Gadar. Even then Gadar tickets were available in black. The same is happening even today.

OMG 2 Box Office Collection Day 2

There are reports coming from many places that people are buying Gadar tickets in black by paying four times the money. On the other hand, Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2 is also running smoothly. The Gadar Two storm is hitting OMG 2. Even after getting good reviews, people are preferring to watch Gadar 2 first, but Akshay’s film is running continuously in the storm of Gadar 2. OMG 2 minted ₹10 crore on Day 1 and has grown to ₹14 crore on Day 2.

Overall the film has earned ₹24 crore in two days. Half of Bollywood is sleepless seeing the earnings of Gadar 2. A 65-year-old hero has made the cot of a six-pack hero. No one had ever thought that Sunny Deol would do this feat in 65 years. What do you have to say in this, we will definitely tell in the comment and for such updates, turn on the notification of our site.
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