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Gadar 3 Movie Release Date: Gadar came in 2001, the film made a world record of selling 10 crore tickets at that time. The entire Indian cinema was shaken by its roar. And then after 22 years in 2023, it is revealed that part 2 of Gadar is going to be made. People freaked out, really. Now when the final film was released, it was nothing like Gadar film, in reality it does not even have 10 percent of the first film.

Gadar 3 Movie Release Date

Gadar 2 has created such a storm at the box office that by earning 200 crores in just five days, the film has collected twice its budget. On August 15, the collection of the film is going to be between 55 to 60 crores, which will be a record number in the history of Bollywood for this date. And now that the injured lion has blood in its mouth, this halter is now preparing to hunt the next. Yes, the biggest good news is out for Gadar fans as Gadar is now going to turn into a franchise. This announcement has been made by the master mind of this film, Anil Sharma himself in the middle of an interview, which has shaken the entire Bollywood.

Gadar 3 Get used to hearing this name, you are going to make a lot of noise about it in the coming days, months, years. You saw in the ending of Gadar 2 that the film was ended by writing “To be Continued”, which means there can’t be a bigger hint than this. Whenever the giver of Gadar 3 gives it by tearing the roof, the fruit of patience is sweet because it took 22 years to convert the story of Gadar into Gadar Two.

But now look, the road from Gadar 2 to Gadar 3 was opened in just three to four days, what was 22 days. In an interview, director Anil Sharma’s son Utkarsh has even said that after Gadar 2, Gadar 3 is going to be confirmed. Those people have an idea that in Gadar 3 it can also happen that Sunny Deol will be made Dadaji directly from Papa.

Means the story of three generations in Gadar 3 and the word franchise was also used here. Understand its importance a little, it is a clear indication that Gadar 3 will not be the last. If Sunny Deol also withdraws from this film in the future, then the franchise will continue. Many new actors characters will be involved in this. Like our YRF’s Spy Universe is going on or Rocky Bhai’s KGF Universe. These people can take forward the Gadar franchise on the same pattern. Different movies can be made with different heroes, which will later be linked together and the mind of the public will explode like a volcano.

Will Salman Khan be seen in Gadar 3?

Think, now they have made Gadar 2 by investing 100 crores, but don’t know its collection can go up to 500, 600, 800 crores. If these people use this money to further the Gadar franchise, then be ready, big actors will join this series one day. By the way, Gadar 2 has been openly supported by Salman Khan, while the rest of Bollywood is sitting very quiet. Is it a sign that Bajrangi Bhaijaan himself is coming to support Tara Singh in the Gadar franchise in future? Think, think, see. The idea is not bad. To convert Gadar into Gadar franchise. Box office will be in tatters as many as no one will be able to count. The only fear is that Sunny Deol’s role in Gadar 2 was fifty percent. Do not reduce the Gadar limit further, then gradually do not bring it up to 5 to 10 percent.

Because believe it or not, the popularity of Gadar is from Sunny Deol. If he gets trapped then the public can move away from him. This thing has to be taken care of. Now we ask you which actors in the Gadar series would you like to see next? Is it really someday if Sunny Deol becomes Salman Khan inside the Gadar series? How much money do you think she can beat on the first day? Will definitely tell us in the comments.


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