Ghoomer Movie Review : Along With Full Entertainment, This Movie Will Also Inspire

Ghoomer Movie Review: There are many such movies in Bollywood which definitely entertain you. Inspiring movies come very rarely, but this movie will entertain you and inspire you so much that you will start thinking what am I doing here, get up man. Do something so that the world will be forced to think after seeing you that what it has become from what it has become today, which we used to think nothing of.

Ghoomer Movie Review

A movie named Ghoomer has hit the theaters and we know that there is not much hype for this movie as the market is currently dominated by Gadar 2 and Oh My God 2. But this movie has taken a step towards a different topic. If you like sports dramas full of emotions and inspiration, then this movie is designed just for you.

Ghoomer Movie Story

The story is of a girl who wants to become a cricketer. Wants to be a better cricketer too. He has also been selected in the Indian cricket team. But suddenly she meets with an accident in which she loses her right hand. After that the spark of playing cricket in his life is gone. The hype of living life also ends. But there is the entry of Abhishek Bachchan, whose character is that of a Khadus Bevda and ex-cricketer and he opens new doors of hopes for that girl. But how will you get to see that in the film.

But the way Abhishek coach trains that girl. If you have seen that movie The Karate Kid with Jackie Chan, then you are definitely going to remember that movie. There Jackie Chan was also training that child in some other way apart from karate. Here too Abhishek uses a strange way to train the girl for bowling.

Ghoomer Star Cast Performance

The dialogues of this film are very deep. Along with satire, a little humor touch has also been given from many dialogues, so that the entertainment value remains in the film. But that humor is so deep that with each and every dialogue of Abhishek Bachchan, the importance of life is also kept in front of the people.

People are explained that your body or every part of your body is very important. Then whether it is a hand, a leg or an eye. Life does not end even after losing him. It can be lived anew. Life can still be carried forward. As we said the dialogues of the film are very deep and meaningful. When life closes the door on your face, you don’t have to break it to open it. And there is another dialogue which Abhishek Bachchan speaks for eco-friendly funeral, you will definitely enjoy listening to it.

If the story continues with all the songs in the film, then there is no problem with the songs. In terms of acting, it will be said that this is one of the best performance of Abhishek Bachchan and the lead actress has also given no less performance than any top actress of this film industry. Overall it is a must watch family entertainer movie. The only fear is that this movie may be left behind in the housefull moving race of Gadar 2.

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Conclusion: Ghoomer Movie Review

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