Guns & Gulaabs Review: Dulquer Salmaan, Rajkumar Rao & Adarsh Gourav Leading The Cast

Guns & Gulaabs Review: There is a series on Netflix called Guns & Gulaabs which is a dark comedy gangster drama. In Raj and DK style, Raj and DK the same guys who made great series like Farzi and Family Man bring us the 90s era this time. And if you are the kids of ninties then first watch this review and then decide for yourself whether this web series is for you or not.

Guns & Roses Review

Guns & Gulaabs is a series of seven episodes. Where each episode is of almost 45 to 50 minutes and the last episode is of 80 minutes, which means it will take you almost five to six hours to finish watching this series.

Its climax episode may be around 80 minutes but with so many twists and turns in that single episode that your mind will be shaken. Raj & DK have done the story telling process so well that you will always remember all the characters that have been introduced one by one. The development of each character has been done so well that even the normal audience can easily connect and once the characters start to understand well then it is not too difficult to understand the story.

Guns & Gulaabs Series Story

The story is of Gulabganj and Sherpur and both the places have different gang leaders and dare gangs who do not get along with each other. And in the meanwhile, there is a matter of narcotics too, so let’s not spoil the story much. But in this story, you will definitely see the sadness of the Nineties because they have not lacked anything in the production to show that era. From the hairstyles of the characters to the style of their clothes, the music playing in the background, the old tape recorder cassettes, the old fashioned STD booth ho gaya or inbox ho gaya. Vehicles used throughout the series, live cricket commentary on the radio, etc. The care that has been given in these small things has brought life to the nineties in this series.

Guns & Gulaabs Star Cast Performance

All the actors of the series have given excellent performance and the names are also very big in the casting of this series. The acting of a contract killer by Dulquer Salmaan, Rajkumar Rao, Adarsh Gaurav, Satish Kaushik, Gulshan Devaiah and Gulshan Devaiah is mind blowing. I have not seen such an avatar of him in any film or series till date, but we want to ask one thing from Raj and DK that what was the meaning of giving these flash powers to Gulshan Devaiah’s character. Because the way you have described them running, it would be fine if shown in a supernatural film series. But there is something like this in this, otherwise why not?

You will understand if you watch the rest of the series. Because the series is a comedy gangster, there are a lot of dialogues and situations in this series which turn serious situations into comedy. For example, if you have seen Delhi Belly movie, its humor is similar. Dark Star, Comedy with Gangster, Drama and a few more. Apart from this, you can also get a glimpse of Mirzapur’s characters, their presentation and storyline in the little story. We are not comparing. Just trying to convey what Guns Aur Gulaabs wants to show you.

By the way, despite being on Serious Netflix, there is no nudity in it. That special thing is that it is not a simple kiss, but the words that are abusive and below the belt will be found in kilos in every episode. So you decide yourself whether to watch it with family because of abuses or not.

Bloodshed, gang war, fight, scuffle is too much, so children should stay away from it. But if you are planning to watch a series with friends, then this is the best option for you. The storyline of the series is written in such a way and the ending is also such that of course we can wait for its second part as well.

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Conclusion: Guns & Gulaabs Review

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