Hardik Pandya Broke a Big Rule of BCCI, BCCI Took a Big Decision

Hardik Pandya: Hardik Pandya is a cricketer but he is discussed less for cricket and more for controversies and now once again Hardik Pandya has got into a new controversy and the controversy is that Hardik Pandya has broken a big rule of BCCI.

Hardik Pandya, who is out of the 2023 World Cup due to injury, has not played international cricket yet, but he has broken the BCCI rules as soon as he came on the field. What rules have been broken, what punishment will be given and how these players have been continuously acting arbitrarily for the last few years. Let us tell you in today’s post.

Hardik Pandya broke a big rule of BCCI

Hardik Pandya is coming out to bat in the DY Patil tournament. He also batted. Three runs were scored and Hardik Pandya’s team won the match. But you can clearly see in this picture that the helmet worn by Hardik Pandya has the BCCI logo on it.

Hardik Pandya

DY Patil is playing the tournament but the logo on the helmet is of BCCI, he talks in style no less than BCCI and now Hardik Pandya has broken this one rule for which major action can be taken against him. If we understand you a little, then we will tell you the rules about the BCCI logo and where it can be used.

Where is BCCI logo used?

It will not be used in domestic tournaments if you are playing any domestic tournament. The domestic tournament which runs is DY Patil Tournament. This is a domestic tournament in Mumbai but you cannot use it. But you can see the picture of the tricolor used. BCCI logo below the tricolor. You can use the BCCI logo only in the Indian matches and cannot use it in the under team also.

Even if you are playing an under-class domestic tournament, you cannot use the BCCI logo in that also. Not used in under team domestic tournaments. As we told you earlier, domestic tournaments cannot be used. You will be used only if you play for the country. The logo you are seeing below the tricolor is the BCCI logo, which you can wear on your helmet only when you are playing for the country.

But sometimes we come to play for the country whenever we feel like it. When BCCI selects the team, it can be worn there. That means those who are the selectors of BCCI will either be the chief selectors of BCCI or will be the ones choosing India or will be the ones choosing the under team. You can use the logo of BCCI for the matches of the selectors who make the team. Logo cannot be used in any domestic tournament. Be it any domestic tournament, you cannot use any domestic tournament in it and it was not even a domestic tournament of BCCI.
This is MCA’s tournament.

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Hardik’s return after a long time. There was a long gap since he got injured in the 2023 World Cup and now Bhaisaheb is back. IPL is coming. Let’s practice a little match. Let’s have a little fun. And now the arbitrariness of Hardik Pandya.

There is only one player in the country who has announced that he will not play Test cricket. Why? Because the body is not fit for the test. He had said, there is a player in the entire country who has himself announced that he will not play Test cricket. Become fit for IPL. Body is not fit for Test cricket. Become fit for IPL. 15 crores comes. Brother gets hit. Do not play domestic cricket. Domestic Cricket: Where is Ranji domestic cricket for them?

Will Hardik play Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy?

Hey what are you talking about? It’s time to play Ranji. I don’t remember when I played Ranji. They have refused to play the domestic tournament saying that it is a domestic tournament. DY Patil is playing. Get match practice. Before IPL, IPL is important. Have to do wonders in IPL. Play cricket as per your wish. Play cricket whenever I feel like it. Don’t play cricket when you don’t feel like it. Work on fitness. Did not play Ranji. DY is playing. Ranji matches were taking place. Had gone and played a match and you would have got good match practice.

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But who would waste their time in the field for four-five days? DY Patil will play and it will be over in three-four hours. Our house is nice and we are preparing for IPL. Earlier, DY Patil is playing because he is preparing for IPL. Haven’t played cricket since World Cup 2023. I was injured. Haven’t played cricket since then because I have to keep myself fit for IPL. IPL is necessary. Indian cricket is a compulsion.

Played occasionally. Did not play any match after injury. Haven’t played any match since the injury. Hardik Pandya now plays only DY Patil in 2023. Did not play international match. Similar actions were taken in 2021 also. Same thing has happened in 2021 also.

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