Jan Nicol Fastest Century: Fastest century in the world of cricket, broke all records

Jan Nicol Fastest Century: 11 fours and eight sixes The fastest century of cricket has arrived. The fastest century in the history of T-20 cricket is now not in the name of any big team but in the name of Namibia because Jan Nicol has now made a great record by hitting the fastest shot.

On 27 September, a Nepal player had scored the fastest century in T-20 cricket and now on 27 February 2024, this record has been broken by Namibia’s Jane Nicol.

Jan Nicol Loftie Eaton Fastest Century

Actually, the match was played between Nepal and Namibia in which Jan Nicol scored 101 runs in 36 balls in which he hit 11 fours and eight sixes. You can guess yourself that 11 fours i.e. 44 runs and eight sixes i.e. 48 runs. If we make a total then he scored 92 runs in only 19 balls. And if we look at it this way, he has completed his century in 26-27 balls and now the world record for scoring the fastest century in T-20 is in his name.

Talking about the match, Namibia had scored 206 runs in 20 overs at the loss of four wickets. In which Nicole Lefty played an inning of 101 runs, Nepal’s team could only score 186 runs and Namibia won the match by 20 runs. Now everyone is eyeing not the big team but the small team because a small team, Namibia, whose player made a world record and scored the biggest century in T20.

If we look at the T-Twenty statistics, the first name that comes up is Namibia’s Jan Nicol, who scored his century on 33 balls. Let us tell you that he completed his century on 73 balls and he played the entire 36 balls.

Apart from this, Kushal Malla, who is a player from Nepal, had achieved this feat in 34 balls. Apart from this, David Miller had scored a century against Bangladesh in 35 balls. Rohit Sharma also scored 35 and Sudesh Vikram Sikra, a player from Czech Republic, also scored a century in 35 balls.

Fastest century in Test and ODI

Apart from this, if we look at the fastest century in Test and ODI, Brendon McCullum achieved this feat in 54 balls in Test, while in ODI, AB de Villiers achieved this feat in 31 balls and in total he played 36 balls.
Nicole completed her century in 33 balls and made a world record because she completed her century in just 33 balls. Now it has to be seen whether anyone can break Nicole’s record in T20 or not.

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