Jawan Advance Booking: Sold Tickets Worth Crores In USA, Cinema Became Hl

Jawan Advance Booking: Nowadays you have noticed one thing. how is the movie? Better or worse, the focus is more on the box office collection. Nowadays it has become most important and these collections are of two types. The first within India that we and you give. Second world wide, on which the collection outside India is added.

Pathan will make the Jawan Hit

Now let’s move on to the calendar of 2018 when on 21st December a film is released called Zero. The public didn’t accept it at all and destroyed the film in such a way that Shah Rukh Khan understood something was wrong and took a break of four years. But then in 2018, maybe if someone had asked about the box office collection, then Zero would have been respected as a hero in your eyes.

Almost nobody liked Shahrukh Khan’s lousy film. It collected 98 crores nett from India and the gross collection number was 120 crores. And the most surprising thing, when it added the worldwide collection, then how much do you know the total collection is 180 crores.

Yes, so today, according to the logic of 2023, if you follow, then Zero did a business of 180 crores. You must not be finding Akshay’s film that bad. Then there is a comeback whose name was Pathan. The film broke many records. But this time it was not about good or bad but about box office collection. How much is Pathan’s collection from India?

This is the number one film of Bollywood. 553 crore in net figure and 650 crore in gross. When you put the worldwide collection in it, it earned almost ₹ 390 crores from outside India. This is Gadar 2’s collection of 390 crores so far, that too from India when you hear it so solid hype plus sequel factor. Now let’s talk about the worldwide collection, then the total business of Gadar 2 is 487 crores, out of which only 45 crores came out of India.

Now you must be thinking why I have shared so much knowledge. At the beginning of the post, let me tell you that before building a house, the foundation is laid. You will not make direct rooms, will you? So Pathan and Zero did the work of laying the foundation. Do you know who will build a house on it now? Jawan is such a name that people can easily pronounce like other films. But when the film is released, it will do such a thing that both hands will have to be folded before taking the name.

Jawan Advance Booking

The matter is such that in the last few hours the advance booking of jawans has been opened at some places outside India and after seeing the response they are getting from outside India, this thing is hundred percent confirmed. Pathan was just a trailer, Jawan is yet to come. There are 1334 shows in total 290 places in America. Their advance booking has been started. Sold 5000 tickets in a few hours. Official collection $74,200. If you convert to India, tickets worth more than 60 lakh were sold on the first day only. That too 15 days before the release of the film.

Here we tell you one important thing. Pathan had done business of 37 crores outside India on the first day and now the trade experts etc. have clearly said that seeing the numbers of the jawan, it is confirmed that Pathan’s record will be broken. Jawan is going to do business of more than 50 crores on the first day only from outside India. This prediction is being published overseas.

It has a well connected Hindi as well as Tamil Telugu audience, which was missing in Pathan. Only Jawan will come to the theaters on 7th September, History will be made on 8th September when the box office collection will be placed in front of you. Trade experts believe that the first day collection of Jawan will comfortably be 120 crores worldwide.

Housefull of Jawan in USA

Amazingly, after getting solid response to the advance booking of Jawan in USA, the number of shows is going to increase there. Hollywood movies are in trouble with strike anyway, that’s why Jawan will get a good release. Probably will be the biggest release till date and due to this response, advance booking of Jawan has been opened in UAE 15 days in advance.

Because the name is written on the ticket SRK. Just some time ago, many people were saying that because of Gadar 2 and OMG 2, poor Shah Rukh Khan’s film got badly beaten. No one talks about him friend. You will get the answer to this question in the next 48 hours. When such a storm will come in which entire Bollywood will go up like smoke and after 48 hours on 26th advance booking of Jawan will open. What is your opinion on this, we must tell in the comment.

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