Jiya Shankar Eviction Interview: Jiya said Elvish is very good, said I love Abhishek

Jiya Shankar Eviction Interview: Jiya Shankar’s fans are now a bit sad because Jiya Shankar has now come out of the house and but her eviction, the things said in the interview are also very tremendous. Yes friends, he had a lot of double standard throughout the journey. It kept happening from here to there. Sometimes she became Jad’s daughter, sometimes Avinash’s friend and sometimes she became Fukra’s crush. He turned his back in many places, but his journey was very complicated and ended after coming in the top six.

Jia said Elvish is very nice

Jia Shankar’s first words about this were that now among the people left in the show, she wants to see the winner, so that fukra insaan is Abhishek and she said that yes I like him. I didn’t have anything for the show that I like her because of the show. Love is a different thing. To like is a different matter. i like her

When it came to Elvish, he said that Elvish is a very nice person and spent a lot of time sitting with him. But when I started talking to him, I came out of the house, but I came to know that he is very good at heart. I had a very warm relationship with him.

First soapy water and then some. I got to see that I had become insecure with him but later when we talked, I got to see his real personality which was quite endearing. Talking about Manisha Rani, Jiya said, she is very cute and does very good antics.

Just sometimes it goes over which people don’t like. On the other hand, about friend Pooja Bhatt, he said that Pooja is like a senior in the house whom we all respect and she explains to us, so here Jia Shankar has clearly said that as a winner, Fukra wants to see the person. Is.

Jia will first meet Avinash

He told the best moments of his journey that my best moments were that I became friends in different ways. My behavior with people has been better than everyone else and in the end there is no enemy in my house. I am happy about this and yes, I will go outside the house to talk to Avinash.

On the question asked about Jad Hadid, she said that I had a very sweet relationship with Jad, but there are situations inside the house when you have to play the game and definitely take some action to move forward. Now he does not like that action at all, due to which misunderstanding has been created at many places. I will definitely try to sort that out.

When she was asked who would you like to meet outside the house, she said that I would like to meet everyone and would also like to meet Abhishek. I would also like to appear in his videos. He said this jokingly, but his interview was very funny. It was a good journey too. Well, Jiya Shankar played like a Bigg Boss player, was a bit double-faced and definitely did a bit of stinging, but her journey ended on a positive note, what do you have to say? Tell in the comment section.

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