Kaalkoot Web Series Review: Another story is hidden inside one story, Kaalkoot is full of suspense

Kaalkoot Web Series Review: It is normal to like or dislike a film or series, but to be scared after watching a show is not normal, it is special. Fear is also a mild word. Shock would suit more. You can watch this new webseries absolutely free. Kalakoot a new show has come on Jio Cinema. Just try it once. I promise you will not be able to forget for the rest of your life.

Kaalkoot Web Series Review

Just to give you an idea how terrifying and close to reality this show is going to be. Tell me something funny. The makers of this show had delivered a strong classic film like Gangs of Wasseypur, once upon a time, understand where the level of this series is going to go. A lonely girl walking on the road. There is happiness on the face. Waiting to meet a friend etc. We see such a scene every day in our life, but what we have never seen is the complete change of shape of this face in just a second, that too with acid fire, a dangerous crime which gives goosebumps just thinking about it, but in total 28 cases in the city. It happened like this. Only two could be solved.

A new savior steps into town just to break this record. But Bhai Saheb is so scared of the police uniform that he is ready to resign from the job but here is a funny twist in the story. Call it a twist or a game of luck because the girl who is lying in the hospital with only half of her face left. Actually she could have been in her Inspector Bhaiya’s house after some time, that too by becoming his wife.

Yes, the photo had come for the relationship. Was thinking with Bhaiyaji whether to say yes to meeting or not. Who knew that both of them did meet but that too like this on the hospital bed. If you look at the story from another angle. This girl whose face got burnt is still chatting with boys. His photo, his face, his mail ID are also continuously on the internet and messages are also being received incessantly. How is it possible that one person can be in two places. Then it is understood that the mastermind of the 28 cases which are being solved offline these days is hidden online in the computer world.

Look friend, the name of the show in which Kaal is written means death. It is a clear indication that this series is not at all for the weak hearted, so watch it carefully. There are some disturbing scenes inside which might make you nervous. At some places the language is also full of abuses. Like watching Gangs of Wasseypur, it seems that we have gone to another world. Sitting in the streets of Bihar watching the film for the whole three hours. Similarly, there is a different world of Calcutta, in which you will get stuck like a quagmire. Its story will pull you in again and again. The best thing about this show is its story narration. Means to take the story forward and how to tell it. The suspense will then force you to watch the entire eight episodes.

Kaalkoot web series full of suspense

Together you are seeing one story on the screen, the other will be made to feel you. While watching this show without showing it, you will understand on a personal level and then there is no idea of the climax of the series. Will be shocked to see the ending. You would never have thought that this would happen. The most amazing thing is that every character of this show is bad. Means no positive, no negative. Everyone gray shade everyone has a devil inside. That’s why you will be confused throughout the eight episodes.

Whom to doubt, who should feel bad for? For whom do you have to feel sympathy? As for Vijay Verma, just the name is enough. They do acting. Such that it doesn’t seem like acting. Totally natural. Shweta Tripathi in her Mirzapur Ki Golu, her character is the most controversial. They can also get angry in the show. You would not have thought.

In Short Kaalkoot is a strong yet underrated webseries which will beat the big names. Full 4 out of 5 stars on the basis of its content. Pehla Star absolutely authentic cinema no adulteration. Second is the story and the way of telling the story. Means telling another story hidden inside one story which will lead to the third one. Plot all plot awesome.

The third performance is very solid. Applause to the entire cast and 4th Direction, fear, suspense, thrill are all inside. A point will also come when you will see yourself negative in the show. A small complaint police angle is explored a little more, in which it would have been fun if the role of politics was exposed. Don’t waste time my friend. It is a great webseries. Also completely free. The best debut of this Friday would be to watch this show.

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