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KGF 3 Release Date: Friends, all of you must have seen both the parts of KGF movie and now you must be waiting for part 3. KGF is such a universe that brought the noise of the entire Indian cinema to the ears of Hollywood. And what are the two biggest questions of this monster universe? Tell me quickly. First Salaar, is this film somehow connected to KGF or not? Everyone wants to know.

The answer was given by the teaser of the film itself. Mastermind Prashant had given a lot of hints in the teaser of Salaar which makes it 100% clear that Rocky Bhai definitely has something to do with the story of Salaar. Well this answer has been found but what about the other question for which people are going crazy to know? The question is, KGF Chapter 3 is such a name that the day it turns into reality, all the records of Indian cinema will be broken.

Look, all of you are coming to see 1000%. There is no doubt about this. Whose biggest hint was given in the ending of Chapter 2 by the makers of the film and when one year of Chapter 2 was completed, the fans were given good news by putting a video themselves that the biggest bang is yet to happen. And today we are going to tell you about the release date of KGF 3.

The Shooting of Salaar 2 has also been completed

Friends, the release date of Salaar is just around the corner. Almost a month’s wait. After that Prabhas Baahubali will rule Indian cinema and it has been revealed that the film has a first part while Salaar will be made in total two parts. But there is a chance for the third one as well and they know that it is a wonder. Will you not be given much time to wait between Salaar and Salaar 2? Because such reports have come out that along with Salaar, Prashant had secretly started the shooting of Salaar 2 and the surprising thing is that Salaar 2 might be released in the second half of the 2024 calendar i.e. September-October. Is. But this is nothing in front of what we will tell you now. You are not ready for this at all.

Yash 19 Movie Will Not Come

After KGF everyone was asking Yash what happened to Yash 19? Which one is it that Yash will present to the Indian audience after KGF? Many names were being heard. Big budget projects were being made with big directors, which would shake Indian cinema. But one thing that was bothering people a lot is that Yash didn’t change his look even a single percent even after the shooting of KGF was over. And now what is known. You know all these together are making us mad. Yes, the biggest secret is that “Yash 19” is going to be none other than KGF Chapter 3 itself. This thing has been kept hidden very cleverly.

So far it is being said that Prashant Neel, using his mind like a calculator, has decided that he will release KGF directly after Salaar 2. After wrapping up Salaar 2 in 2024, Prashant Neel doesn’t want to take a break. He will start work on Direct KGF 3. That’s why if you have seen Yash in the last few times, then he is exploring such a place where there is a lot of water.

KGF 3 Release Date

You saw in the ending of KGF 2, Rocky Bhai drowned in the sea with all his gold. It was just a drama, in KGF 3, through this sea, Rocky Bhai will resume his control over the world of this entire Monster Universe. So Yash has not gone for a holiday. He is actually making his partner director’s job easier in finalizing the locations of KGF 3.

It is learned that Yash is not going to have much role in Salaar 1 but in Salaar Part 2 he will turn the whole story upside down and right after that Prashant himself will come to mastermind KGF 3. So there will be the darkest chapter inside this monster universe. The release of KGF 3 may come much earlier than you thought. Yes, the film will probably be put in front of the audience in 2025.

If there is even one percent truth in this news, then probably you will see all the records of Indian cinema getting ruined in just two years. Anyway, in 30 days from now this biggest dream is going to turn into reality. The dinosaur will bring with it a monster we thought only existed in stories, but now the world will bow before it.

First Salaar, then Salaar 2 and then direct KGF Chapter 3, how did you like this plan? Is it really ready for Indian cinema? Yash with Prabhas or Prabhas vs Yash? what would you like to see We guarantee you that the theaters inside KGF will turn into stadiums. Friends, what is your opinion about the cleverness of the mastermind director of KGF. Will definitely tell us in the comment and turn on the notification of the site for such updates.

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