Chandrayaan 3 VS Luna 25: Will Russia Luna 25 defeat Chandrayaan 3?

Luna 25 will beat Chandrayaan 3: Big blow to ISRO, will Luna 25 beat Chandrayaan 3? Know in this post. Friends, a village in Russia is being completely displaced. All the people inside the village were intimated to leave their village for three and a half hours. A warning has been issued to them and the Russian military itself will guide these people three and a half hours away from their village.

The name of that village is Shakhtinskyi and there is a danger of fragments of that rocket falling on this village. Falling of pieces of different stages of that rocket. The rocket that will chase and eventually overtake India’s Chandrayaan 3. Yes friends, we are talking about Lunar 25. After 47 years, suddenly love for the moon has awakened inside Russia and it has decided to beat its own friend India.

Luna-25 will leave behind Chandrayaan 3

Yes friend, ISRO was about to set a record by landing on the South Pole. India would get the record that the first Chandrayaan was the first such spacecraft to land on the Moon’s surface at the South Pole on the far side, but no one had thought that Russia would take this step, spoiling India’s plans. Co-incidence cannot be said so closely, so much. Of course, this cannot be considered as an incident, friends, because we will tell you in the coming post how the planning has been done for their landing. You will be shocked to hear how Luna 25 landing was planned.

August 23 is the date when ISRO has said that on August 23 and 24, we will try to land Chandrayaan 3 on the South Pole of the Moon, but the sad thing is that friends, the vehicle that is going to fire the rocket is about the Russian Lunar 25. Lunar 25 is going to go tell that it is a lander rover mission just like Chandrayaan 3 and after 47 years of Russia its ghost has awakened today. Don’t you know how? Russia’s powerful Soyuz 2 rocket will be used to launch Luna 25 Chandrayaan into space. Let us tell you that this claim of Russian agencies should be understood by Roscosmos, as ISRO is of India, similarly Roscosmos is the space agency of Russia.

Roscosmos has said that it is going to be launched on the 11th in just five days. Lunar 25 to be launched on August 11 and will reach the Moon in just five days. In five days it will reach the moon and within the next 5 to 7 days it will descend, calculate it is on the south pole of the moon, you will be blown away.

Russia played game with India

Catch five days from 11th August to 16th August and five days from 16th August, friends, how much is 21st August? Come on, he has done five to seven days, hold seven days, how much is it from 16th August to 23rd August. Exactly the same date when ISRO planned to land Chandrayaan 3 on the South Pole, either Russia’s Lunar 25 will land on the 21st itself or it will land on the Moon’s South Pole on the 23rd.

If Chandrayaan delayed even a little, then it is game over and he did not delay either. If it reaches Lunar 25 in a fast way, then this record has gone from the hands of ISRO. The record that ISRO prepared with many years of hard work. He had declared long back. Lunar 25 arrived separately. Now the Russian agencies say that the Moon does not belong to anyone’s father.

They say that the moon is the seventh continent. This is to say that mankind cannot be captured by anyone and we are also not in the mood to capture it. We were about to launch it in 2021 in October but missed the plan so are doing it now. Let us tell you that Russia is going to launch Lunar 25 from Vostochny Cosmodrome which is 3,450 miles or 5,550 kilometers away from Moscow and Russians are also going to the same place. Landing on the South Pole in the same region where Chandrayaan 3 was about to set a record by landing.

Now you tell me, what kind of co-incident is this? Two countries together in a single day, suddenly one country is waking up after 47 years. In a few days, you will see that America will reach the South Pole with a mission in half, then India showed the way and now India itself seems to be lagging behind. Is it Conspiracy or just a Co Incident? What do you think.

Is Luna-25 much faster than Chandrayaan 3

Keep in mind friends, Luna 25 to be launched with a very strong rocket. Now, as we told you in the beginning, the entire village is being evacuated. You heard that a village near Sriharikota was evacuated. Just imagine how big the rocket will be. As strong as the stages would be, it took us a long time to cover a distance of 3,84,000 kilometers to the Moon within five days. We had to go round the Earth’s orbit many times. After that, if our speed increases then what will be its speed?

Think how advanced Luna 25 will be, in what way it can beat Chandrayaan 3? But friends, there are two sides to this story. Number one, we told you how strong the rocket should be used, how advanced its lander module would be, China’s lander and their rover and the third important thing is the experience space of Russia. We cannot forget that Russia is the country which created the world’s first record by sending the first human being to space.

Let’s talk about the first cosmonaut of the earth of Yuri Gagarin. This record is in the name of Russia and now ISRO’s fight with Russia. It cannot be called a fight, but it can be called a competition, a healthy competition, but this competition would have been healthy if the date of Lunar 25 was known in advance. Let’s assume that it was decided that the sender was on August 11, but just see how much Co Inside is doing. On the one hand, India is planning for 23 August. Russia is also planning on 23rd August. Why was this thing not flashed in the international media?

Or why didn’t we all know? Or has she just come out? What is happening in front of you? Just think and see, it is okay, the news did not come or the news came but could not reach us. Let’s put it aside for a while, but don’t you find it strange to target two space agencies at the same place? Either it is that the big space race has already started and the information reached us very late.

Unheard secrets are hidden on the South Pole

The South Pole has become an ice destination, because there is actually ice, where frozen water ice is present and that ice can also be used to make fuel. Water can also be taken from it, it can also be used to make potable and oxygen. It means that a base can be made directly there and if the base is made then two things will happen. First things first, it would be easy to understand space. unheard secrets of space We will get a chance to understand how this solar system was formed and how life came about.

Also we can understand that if life will end then how it will happen and secondly study of important minerals present there because unless you live there then you cannot tell what is inside it. No matter how many rovers you send from here, no matter how many robots you send, but you will be able to know the actual information only by staying there. If our people and astronauts will live there, experiments will be done only then we will know what is hidden under this land.

Today many things work on the earth. Survey of India works. Many research agencies used to work inside our country. Then we would have been able to find out whether coal is buried under the ground here or there could be gold deposits here. If you get a diamond here, you will have to stay in the moon. Will have to wait then go and see what is buried inside him. Which mankind can use, you will know. Right now everything is superficial and that is why the first step is to build a base there. So, the one who will land in the South Pole first, who has more information that the one who will have better technology, will be the first to build a base there. The one who made the base, then understand that it is his.

Do you understand what we are trying to say, stay with us, we will tell you in the next post, what is Lunar 25? What is the capability inside it. What is its speed, how will it beat Chandrayaan 3 and will it really be able to beat it? Is this news confirmed that Chandrayaan 3 is now going to lag behind Lunar 25? Meet us in the next post for information about all these things.

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