Big Boss OTT 2: Manisha Rani made a special demand from Big Boss, will Big Boss fulfill the demand?

Manisha Rani made a special demand from Bigg Boss: Friends, in the live feed of Bigg Boss OTT, Manisha Rani has made a special demand from Bigg Boss inside the house at this time. In fact, Manisha Rani has asked Bigg Boss for a photo with her father.

Manisha Rani made a special demand from Bigg Boss

Actually friends, when Manisha Rani entered inside the Bigg Boss house, when she had brought a photo of herself and her father together, but the people of Bigg Boss kept that photo outside, that is, keep it with them and bring them. Did not give

When Falak Naaz Jo Hai had brought her family photo but Bigg Boss people did not allow Manisha Rani to do so. Don’t know what could be the reason behind this and at this time Manisha Rani is demanding the same picture from Bigg Boss people in the live feed of Bigg Boss.

Manisha Rani made a special demand from Big Boss

Manisha Rani is saying that please Bigg Boss give me my father’s photo and keep the episode of Family Week next week so that my father can come and meet me.

During this, Elvish asked that your father’s face must be similar to yours, haven’t you visited your father? On this Manisha Rani says yes I have gone to my father but how do you know?

Elvish said my mother must be crying

After which Elvish says that this is my mind. After this, Elvish says that I have gone to my mother and after that Manisha Rani said that I know my father is very emotional, if he comes in the family week, he will cry before us.

Because they get emotional after seeing us. After which Elvish said that my mother must also be crying at this time because I have never stayed away from her. After this, Manisha Rani told Elvish that there are 17 members in our house.

They all must be seeing me crying and because of whom I cry, they must be abusing him because the one who becomes my enemy becomes the enemy of my family.

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Elvish laughs after hearing this. Overall, friends here Manisha Rani and Elvish Yadav are missing their family a lot. Now it has to be seen whether Bigg Boss gives that photo of Manisha Rani to him or not. Filal, what do you think, will definitely tell us in the comment and turn on the notification of the site for such updates.

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