Big Boss OTT 2: Manisha Rani told Elvish the biggest secret of Bebika, shocked to hear

Manisha Rani told Elvish the biggest secret of Bebika: Friends, Manisha Rani has made the biggest disclosure so far inside the house in the live feed of Bigg Boss OTT. Yes friends, you heard absolutely right and this disclosure is not about anyone else but about Bebika. Hearing this, even Elvis was shocked.

Manisha Rani told Elvish the biggest secret of Bebika

Actually friends here is Elvis, Jia Shankar and Manisha Rani. He was sitting on the bed talking and during this time these astrology talks were going on inside the house. The family task that took place yesterday inside the house was being discussed about the relationships that were there. And during this, Jia Shankar jokingly said that you know who has the best relationship inside the house, the best relationship is between Babika and Abhishek. Hearing this, Elvis started laughing. Said yes friend, it is so. Their relationship is unique. Sometimes they fight, sometimes they get back together.

Later Jiya Shankar said that you know that Bebika is married and has a child. Hearing this, Elvis was not at all convinced here. Elvis said, come on, don’t joke, it’s useless. But Jiya said that really more friends, in such a long time. Manisha said yes she is speaking right. Bebika is married and has a child. Friends, I told you that here Elvis said that you just told me that he is married but never told that he has a child.

At the same time, Manisha also told that Babika Jo Hai is divorced. Friends, hearing this, it was as if the ground slipped under Elvis’ feet and he got a big shock. Well friends, even I was shocked because I did not even know about his marriage. After this here Elvis said how did you know then tell me. After which they said that they had a very good friendship in the first week.

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That’s why as a friendship, Babika told Manisha Rani the whole truth about her real life and once both of them had a fight. Both had given each other a thumbs up. He had spoken the wrong way and during that time these things had also come out of Manisha’s mouth. Then all of us and the whole family came to know. Friends, listening to this, here Elvis got really shocked. He got a big shock. At the moment, were you also shocked by this news or not? Tell us your opinion in the comments. For such updates, turn on the notification of our site.

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