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Mask Girl Review: Friends again welcome all of you to another K Drama review. Straight to the point, this is Mask Girl. How? To watch Season 1 one has to watch seven episodes. Their length is more than an hour. The series is available to watch in Hindi. Its lead is also very good. But what is not a good thing is that if you watch the series with your family then it is not a family show. In this you will get to see nudity, sex scenes, a lot of violence. As far as we feel that the fans who are crazy will enjoy watching it a lot.

Mask Girl Story

Talking about the story, its concept has been adopted which was released in Korea under the name Same. But the story follows the character of Mo Mi who dreams of becoming a celebrity. People ran in front of him, carrying cameras and photographers etc. behind him. He got fame. She was beautiful in her childhood, but as her youth approaches, she loses the beauty she used to be. Because of which she becomes a mask girl one day. Then she creates a scandal. After that what twists come in his life due to his scandal? Which people come, what twists come because of them. You will have to watch this to know all this.

If we talk about the series, how is this series? So first of all let’s talk about the concept. The concept of this series is very good. Girls who keep dying for beauty or men who keep dying for the handsome look of men’s beauty, slap their mindset very well. The message of this series is very hard, if you go deep and think, the social commentary of this series or its message is very dark. Personally, its concept is very good.

Mask Girl Presentation

The second point that worked for us was its presentation. Accordingly, the story of this series has been structured and presented. In Episode One, you will get to see the story of Mo Mi. You will get to see another character in the last episode of episode one. In the second episode you will get to see his journey and in the last episode of episode 2 you will get to see another character.

His story will be seen in the third episode, due to which this series has been presented in a roundabout way. Tremendous, but the normal audience will be in for a surprise while watching this series in its entirety.

Mask Girl Review : Performance

Talk about Next Point which has worked for us in the past. That is the performance of the actors of this series since the time when the character of Nana comes. So this series reaches very high from here.

The songs etc. that you get to hear in his present. He was presented in Korean only. Imagine if they are dubbed in Hindi like South. But which is the performance of the actors, which is its OSD. The songs that will be heard.

Thrilling Shots

Next point that this series has worked for us. Its thrilling portion, we agree that it is limited but wherever you will get to see killing or thrilling scenes. He will set your atmosphere. You enjoy seeing the tension in them, but there is a twist in it. As we told in the beginning. The one who is a normal audience, will be completely surprised by him. Along with this, its production value will also not disappoint you.

Negative Point

Friends, now let’s talk about negative points, so there are negative points in this series. Firstly, not everyone will like this series. Hence the audience who do not like to watch dark thrillers. Meaning if you like watching romantic K Drama or comedy K Drama then this is not for you. This is only for those people who like to watch dark thriller. Before giving time on this, definitely think whether you like to see dark color or not.

The second problem is its pacing which is up at some places and down at some places. Because of which it has episodes of heavy heavy length. They also bore you in between. Sure enough, the things we saw after the fourth episode, which were the last three episodes, personally I don’t know why didn’t feel much better. Same story there which feels very stretchy. That’s why at least the length of the fifth episode should be short. It was very boring, without pointing fingers at other more negative points, we will tell you that if you want to watch dark mystery, you like to watch crime drama.

You like to see the concept of disguise. Would like to give you a side view of plastic surgery which is the biggest problem in Korea currently. What are the things being done in Korea in terms of beauty? Will say in defense that yes, you should watch this series slowly, which will definitely give you fun slowly.

There are two more big regions due to which you can see it. The first one is Nana, if you are a fan of his. Second is its adult scene choice is yours and we would rather say the same. No comedy, no romance, no light hearted. It is not made for everyone. Not easy to watch. If you go with your expectations a little down, if we talk about it, then for four episodes I felt quite solid. After that I got some kind of feeling. Here, it is fun to see the makers compressing things even more and presenting them.

What was meant to be an ending has also become very predictable. We were easily able to predict what would happen next. Its climax will not work for pro audiences. Those who are dark thriller fans are going to enjoy this series very much. If you have seen this, how was your appearance?

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Conclusion : Mask Girl Review

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