OMG 2 Review: Pankaj Tripathi great acting, film gave a good message

OMG 2 Review: Friends, today we will talk related to this movie. Will try to know how is the movie in actual? Because there was so much ruckus about its content, does this movie really create controversy or does it educate you about this topic. At the same time, this is the most important question that if you have made up your mind to watch this film, does this film deserve your time and money by going to the theater or not. We will talk about these three issues in today’s post.

The first thing is that you will have to spend two and a half hours to watch this movie. This movie has been given an A certificate, which means that adults can go and watch it, but now that we have seen this movie, we can comment on it that according to us, if it was given a UA certificate, then there would be no problem. According to us everyone should see this film.


If we talk about the story of the film, then Pankaj is Tripathi’s son. Something very bad has happened to it. What’s wrong now? What a father does to save his son, no one helps him, then how does the milk of Lord Shiva come and help him and in the drama that is seen, does he win or not and why? You will have to watch this movie to know what kind of words he puts forward.


Now if we simply define this film for you, then we will only say that the director of this film has taken a very bold attempt on the content shown to you in the film, which through this content, the director has related sex education in front of you. Have talked. It is very hard and eye opening.

You all know that this is the era of open internet. You’ll hit a search. Things from all over the world that are in front of you will open up. Despite this, the Indian ecosystem, which is its own, is afraid to talk about sex education, as if we say that you go and talk to your relative about masturbation. First of all, you will have to wear shoes and slippers and then you will be asked from where did you learn this, from where did you study? Who told you that this is our thinking, isn’t it?

Let me tell you one more thing, if a child has a mobile, he has internet and we and you know what the first thing he searches for. When that person can search and find out things, can take knowledge, then why are they afraid to talk about their education system, their society? This film, which is a sensitive thinking, presents this thing in front of you in a very beautiful way, which you enjoy watching. you enjoy You find the dialogues funny. The environment is visible in the two and a half hour movie. When you come out of it, it makes you think. Keeps your eyes open.

You will be happy to see the relationship of a parent child shown in the picture and what messages you get to see with it and to what extent a father goes to save his son. Akshay Kumar appears to you as the messenger of Lord Shiva. He was given a getup accordingly. The look has been given. The movie has a great feel. From his entry to his dialogues which he has provided an emotional touch through his character, that too was very heart touching.

Rest, if we ask from point to point, if there is any shadow in the speech, then it is Pankaj Tripathi, you will feel very funny that he has captured the character of father. That would be so much fun. The writers of this film have written and presented in front of us in a very good way, the dialogues by which they do not hurt anyone, they feel very funny coal type.

Yami Gautam Bhai you get to see the character of a powerful lawyer and you will enjoy watching the drama about him and we will tell you that the film is very good.

Should you watch this movie?

Friends, if you talk about the film whether you should watch this film or not, then tell you that you must watch this film once and give your review in the comment and turn on the notification of our site for such information.

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