Public reaction on nomination task, Bigg Boss and Pooja Bhatt made a plan

Public reaction on nomination task: Today’s nomination task in the Bigg Boss house seemed pre-planned to the viewers as Pooja was called out of the house for the same reason. Yes friends, the reaction of the public was also very dangerous.

Let me tell you that two contestants were nominated in the house and they were Manisha and Aashika. One of them will be out of the house this week and this big plan of Bigg Boss was visible here.

What is the reaction of the public on the nomination task?

We will reveal the way the plan was setup but before that let us see the public reaction regarding the nomination task. Many people tweeted and commented that this nomination task was pre-planned.

One wrote, “Bigg Boss is So Biassed who nominated Manisha and Aashika said Bigg Boss shouldn’t have been so biased.”

Another wrote, “Pooja Dogli script laga becauseā€¦” Now you understand what he has said.

The third wrote that, “This is just a ploy to get out of the house that now one of Manisha and Aashika will go out of the house.”

The fourth wrote that, “Hey he told everything before that so he wants to have a fight between elvish and fukra.”

The fifth wrote that, “The old lady got this script from Big.” The sixth said that, “Bigg Boss will do double eviction next time and will evict both.”

Santwe said, “In the morning the aunt was taunting and then today he saved the fukra insan from the nomination, what kind of hypocrisy, this whole script is sounding.”

Big Boss plan was to evict Elvish and Manisha

Friends, many such people narrated Bigg Boss and Pooja Bhatt fiercely. Many people said that now Bigg Boss people have to explain to Pooja that Fukra Insaan is winning Bigg Boss and they have sent her to teach Pooja what to do.

Many such questions are arising in the minds of the people that what kind of nomination task was this. Friends, Bigg Boss had planned something else and something else happened. Big Boss had planned to evict Manisha from the house and Elvish along with her, but when Avinash was asked to nominate her, he nominated Aashika, which saved Elvish and here Avinash saved Elvish.

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Due to which Avinash turned his back on Bigg Boss’s trick. Friends, what do you think about it, we must tell in the comment and if you like this information, then definitely share it.

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