Salman will take Elvish and Avinash’s class in Weekend Ka Vaar, Jiya will be furious

Salman Khan is going to enter the Bigg Boss house today in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. We will tell you what can happen in today’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Here Salman Khan is going to start with Elvish Yadav and Aashika only because both of them have new entry in the house.

Salman will speak on the fight between Elvish and Avinash

Same Salman Khan’s issue here can be on the fight between Avinash and Elvish because friends, the fight between these two is going on very fiercely in the house and Salman Khan can take this hot topic and keep it with himself.

And on this, Elvish and Avinash can also be pulled fiercely. We think Salman Khan is not going to support anyone. There are going to talk against both. The same Jiya Shankar may get reprimanded.

Jia will be reprimanded

The act that Jiya has done this week was very dirty. Let me tell you that Jiya was the first to make Elvish drink soapy water and pretended to be a ghost to escape from his dictatorship, which was not fun to watch at all.

In such a situation, today Salman Khan can take a class on Jiya Shankar that we are seeing Jiya as an evil in the house. Same Salman Khan can talk about the Dictatorship task here after Zia and how Avinash wanted to spoil the task.

As well as how Falak Naaz has responded to Elvish Yadav. This can also be talked about. Salman Khan can also expose the ridiculous things being said behind Elvish Yadav’s back and can tell that Elvish Yadav plays on the front foot.

But the people in front do not have the courage to come forward and say something and how the planning has been done against them inside the house, today Salman Khan must speak about it. Well, even after controlling Elvish Yadav’s tongue, Salman Khan will say and tell him that you have to take care of many things, about whom you are speaking and what you are speaking?

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Salman will become a hindrance between Fukra Insaan and Elvish

If we talk about Fukra Insaan, today Salman Khan can say such a thing between Elvish and Fukra, which will create a rift between the two and which will increase the TRP of the show, and somewhere he can tell Abhishek that what you are doing today is different from the last three weeks.

Somewhere you are lost in the shadow of Elvish. If you listen to Fukra Insaan, then it is sure that in the coming episodes, we will see him coming on the front foot.

Pooja’s captaincy will be discussed. The way Pooja became the captain. Was Abhishek the real operator here? This thing will be asked to the family members because Pooja has become the captain here, so there will be no complaint against Salman Khan, a fukra human being.

Manisha Rani and Babika fight

Manisha Rani and Babika’s battles will be discussed. Babika may get reprimanded because of how she has spoken on Manisha’s character and many people have said bad things about Manisha.

Salman Khan can speak on Falak Naaz’s parantha talk. By the way, he does not speak on such matters, but maybe this time he will speak something. Friends, who do you think Salman Khan will rebuke more this time? If you like this information, then definitely share it.

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