Sarfaraz Khan caught an impossible catch while flying, silenced those who teased him about obesity

Sarfaraz Khan Catch: Flying Sarfaraz created a sensation with an impossible catch with a superman-like dive. Sarfaraz Khan has made the impossible possible and has irritated those who used to call him fat. Have replied to them. He has been silenced.

Many people must have known you for some time now. When Sarfaraz was not coming to Team India, he was saying that he was very fat. He weighs too much. For this reason he should not be included in the team. His fitness is not amazing. After which there was a lot of uproar and Sarfaraz gave a proper reply to all those people. With his bat, he scored runs at an average of more than 100 in three consecutive Ranji seasons.

When he finally joined Team India, they became speechless. But now Sarfaraz has silenced them all with his amazing fielding and the catch which fit and thin players are not able to do, Sarfaraz has caught that catch and has created a stir with his catch. And has responded to all those who called him fat.

How Sarfaraz took this catch

Actually, when England’s second innings was going on, the score was 133, then Tom Hartley was batting and 41 overs of his innings were going on. The third ball was thrown by Kuldeep Yadav to Tom Hartley. Earlier he had hit a six and was looking very dangerous, so Tom Hartley hit a shot towards Long. Who was standing there? Sarfaraz Khan.

Now the ball was such that it did not take much height. Meaning, the flight was a one-way shot and Sarfaraz had very little time to take the catch. The ball was going towards him very fast. People thought that since Sarfaraz was a little heavy, he would not be able to catch the catch by diving. The ball will fall forward. Will not be able to catch. It felt like this when seen live. But then suddenly Sarfaraz flies. Superman kind of dives forward. He takes a brilliant catch and completes that catch well and immediately the people behind him might be teasing him.

everyone stopped talking

Some people might be talking on the boundary, immediately point towards him, look at him and tell him, look son, I have caught the catch. You guys were teasing me. I have given you the answer right here. He immediately turned back and looked towards the crowd, made some gesture and in a way, this gesture was also towards those people who call him fat. Those who don’t believe in him, those who say he can’t field because he is fat, see.

He made such a catch which is being praised everywhere on social media. Very fast his catch is going viral and people are tweeting about him and posting it on social media by calling him Udta Sarfaraz, Superman, Sarfaraz. They are posting his pictures as to how he has given advantage to Team India in the match by taking this flying catch. So really a salute to this player.

To its dedication. Had it been any other player, he would not have dived for fear of injury.

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But Sarfaraz told that this weight does not matter. Will power matters. Your hard work matters, you can never defeat Sarfaraz. He has worked very hard. To reach here, he will sacrifice his life for Team India. They have been proved and shown.

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