The Chosen One Review | The Chosen One Full Web Series Review

The Chosen One Review: Everything on the side and its climax which has been set up for season two. After finishing it, believe me, you will say when its season two will come. The last 20 minutes of this season were pure Dabangg. I enjoyed watching its drama.

The Chosen One Review

Let’s start from the beginning that actually what is this, see brother, a new supernatural, fantasy, drama has been released on the platform of Netflix, the name is “The Chosen One”. Who will get In such a situation, there are total 6 episodes, which can be dealt with quickly by watching them. Its heading released in Hindi gives a very good warning that you will not get to see nudity etc. in the series. But you will get to see Chumma Chatti in abundance. Do not watch with family.

The rest of the friends clear the story beforehand that its story has not been completed in season 1. Its story has been setup in the first season. Before telling that, let me tell you about another beauty of this series. When you see this, notice a little. The director has taken a creative choice to present it. It felt great.

The Chosen One Story

Talking about the story, the story it presents to you is the journey of Jodie and her mother. Since childhood, Jodie has some supernatural power due to which her mother keeps running from one place to another. In the timeline, she can say that she is living in a small village that Stranger Thing 4, if you get to see the children in it, the same happens here. While making friends with him, he slowly realizes that he has some supernatural powers.

When people come to know about it, they start comparing him with Jesus. Because when in fun only supernatural things start happening. The mysterious person you see, as well as the mysterious voice Jodie hears because somewhere will keep triggering you, who is Jodie actually? You will have to watch this series to find just this.

Should You Watch This Web Series?

Now let’s talk about who will like the material of this series in actuality and who will not like it. Simple thing if you are a drama lover, aapko supernatural light Stranger Thing pakdar hum chale hai. If you like to watch series like this, you will like teen drama. You love watching their movements, their settings, if you like watching that kind of stuff then this one is for you.

Which is a massive audience that likes to watch action tactics, they don’t like drama. He cannot tolerate conversations. If you fall in that audience category then this series is not for you. The pacing of this series which has been slowly built up, the payoff of that build-up will come out in the last episode. You will have to be a little patient with this series to reach there.

How did we like this web series?

Friends, now let’s talk about the main issue whether personally I liked it or not. Its simple reason is yes, I really liked this series. It has two or three regions. The first of these comes the teenager drama of this series, which characters are seen. Its dramas felt very light to me. The things that happen to him feel like character development which I really like. Good characters are not seen in its drama. The mystery that you get to see in this series is also multilayered, we mean you will get to see a lot of mystery clear because somewhere or the other it will keep you engaged with its story.

I was not able to predict this series that what will happen in the next moment? I liked the unpredictability that it had. You will like what you see in it.

Talking about the negative, the problem with this is that in the first season you get to see a very good buildup of season two and if its season 2 does not come then it will leave you with a lot of questions in your mind. So by editing a lot of buildup which is seen in the first season, if the makers show something terrible in the last, then it would have been more fun. If season two does not come, then all the negative talk is useless. If I will tell you this much that if you like to watch slow paid, slow drama.

If you like to watch supernatural or super powered like stranger type of things, then you will get to see something like chili masala in this. You can try this once. Personally, I really liked the first season of this series.

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