Toby Movie Review: A movie that will make you feel dead

Toby Movie Review: Friends, nowadays fashion is going on in cinema, and film makers are impressing crores of people by showing larger than life type roles in mass cinema theatres, but what about class? If everyone makes mass cinema then who will make class cinema? That class cinema, which will not only earn money but also respect for the Indian film industry. Genius filmmaking that can truly blow anyone’s mind.

You have seen Kantara, it is a class type film with a mass. It has tremendous action but also has a strong message that is directly connected to its religion. Toby has also been designed on the same pattern. Bloodshed, mayhem, next level and finally dangerous punishment, to be given by the goddess herself, the goddess of death. Friends, let’s talk about this movie.

Toby Movie Review : Story

The story this time is not of God but of Satan, the king of the devils, who has accidentally been born among humans. Whose name is Toby. The job is to liberate people from the cycle of life and death. Permanent forever RIP. Now technically no one has heard the sound of Devil till date. You create photos only from imagination?

So our Toby is also dumb. Satan doesn’t speak, he just does. You have seen in the police station that there are thousands of files with the names of different criminals. The same station has an entire room full of Toby’s name. would you believe it If we tell you Toby Talwar Gun Bomb doesn’t believe in all this. His most dangerous weapon is this sugarcane juice machine. The whole person goes inside it and the juice comes out from the other side.

What happened? Are you scared? Think, now we are just telling. What will be your condition at that time when you will see with your own eyes. But be it a human being, be it God or be it the king of the devil himself. If he is born on earth, everyone has to go through the sinning exam, and in the story, the goddess of death herself descends to earth to decide Toby’s sin. You will have to watch the movie to know what happens next.

Toby Movie Review: How is the movie?

To be honest, we had a formal introduction to Canadian cinema. Five years ago in 2018, when we saw the rocking year KGF, then after four years when KGF 2 was released in theatres, everyone had become a complete fan of Canadian cinema. The meaning of Indian films has changed for everyone.

Raj Shetty Yeh Banda is a different cinema in itself. What a filmography, what a performance he has, what a tremendous talent. Toby would have remained normal or could have made it commercial and a lot of audience would have started liking the film. But Raj Shetty has presented it by making it so raw and brutal that perhaps 90 out of 100 people will not understand this film, but the rest will never be able to forget it for the rest of their lives.

Toby has been made such a cinema. So dark that everything is scary. Have you seen this piggy bank, how much children play with it in childhood, ever thought seeing this, you are so scared that you will not be able to sleep whole night and the reason behind this is a dangerous scene of Toby.

The feeling of actual shock comes only when you do not expect anything at all. Like seeing Raj Shetty one would say this guy will play a psycho serial killer character in the film who kills people in a sugarcane machine but when he is revealed in the film and a secret comes out.

Should you watch this movie or not?

The problem with Toby is that he puts every scene in front of the audience by taking a very comfortable time, so that people can feel it. It gets a bit long in this affair and the normal audience, who likes Mirch Masala movies, does not have so much patience. Even if you speak in simple words, it is not for everyone. Not every type of audience will connect with it. KGF, Kantara’s entertainment is not even inside. But real cinema zeroes the gap between reality and film fiction, meaningful, intelligent making like real life. And of course, getting yourself ready for the climax of the film. By the time you reach there, you will understand the real meaning of goosebumps. If you like action, action movies, then you can watch it.

Toby Movie Rating

Toby gets a full 4 out of 5 stars from us. First turning a normal story into a horrifying one. On the basis of presentation only, you will remember the second very raw and brutal scene live without any filter. Third, to connect with religion and culture. The climax becomes a volcano after listening to the story of this film. Fourthly Raj Shetty’s strong performance and really all the supporting actors give a very real feeling, totally natural acting.

Many people will have complaints in the negative. From his screenplay which he will call Slow Bolenge. The film is long, this mistake will also be removed. Rest of the friends, what do you have to say about this film, definitely tell us in the comments and join our Telegram group for such updates.

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