Toby Movie Trailer Review: Toby film will leave behind films like Gadar 2 and Jawan

Toby Movie Trailer Review: Big famous movies whose actors are more famous than them, everyone knows how much money they earned. Research is done about them with full hard work, but if we ask you to make a business of more than 400 crores in the whole world, made in a budget of only 15 crores. Which is that movie? The biggest surprise of Kantara 2022 which proved that language barrier gaya tel lene content is the king.

Toby Movie Trailer Review

Right now the same thing is going to repeat in 2023 as well. I don’t know about the money, but the content is such that in front of which big rounds will fade, even then it is going to happen, another big atom bomb coming out of the Kannada industry, whose explosion will shake the whole Indian cinema.

Now you must have been shocked to see just the poster. People are not used to such level of creativity, but the trailer is next level. This is going to be a film that can change the taste of the public to watch good cinema. The visual is amazing, the special ending scene is out of the box, the imagination is top-notch, and even if it has a supernatural power, it will be a film that will shake people not just because of its star power, but because of its story. Will give

Different unique parcel experiences like Kantara Yaad Hai told the story of Demi Chord, who comes back to protect his people. Every year Toby’s concept in a human body is more or less similar to him. Only the violence factor has increased in this

Spiritual Mix With Mass Cinema

Fighting and bloodshed will be of a different level. There is also a story of gangs. Dangerous crimes of murder type are also going on inside. But in the midst of it all is the Goddess of Death, the God of Death, who has appeared in her Toby form. A man came back alive after death, to complete some unfinished work. Badla, revenge crime, supernatural angle will be there in this film.

Raj Shetty is the most underrated artist in our Indian cinema. The word artist describes him best. First they write the story themselves, later they add it and take it to the people. His favorite work is to create mind-blowing cinema. Raj Shetty’s raw glutton natural performance was shown inside Toby. As if Toby is a real life character whom we can see live with our eyes. Now the name of Kannada Industry should be changed to Shetty Power. Raj Shetty, Rishabh Shetty and Akshay Shetty, these three people make such a cinema which directly challenges international level films. Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu are far behind.

Making each film different from the other. Finding and bringing such topics about which no one has ever heard or read is a salute to the Canadian industry. There are a lot of big movies coming in the next one or two months, whose fall is super duper solid. Shahrukh Khan will come young. His comeback will be for the second time in 2023. After that Bahubali Prabhas is going to continue the KGF Universe in Salaar Movie. But as of now the hype of Gadar 2 is solid. Everyone wants to see him.

Toby is going to hit the theaters on August 25 and there is more creativity than the above three movies, now it is not hidden from anyone that it will be a small budget film, which is not going to create hype on the basis of promotion etc. . Time has come to prove “Public is the King”. Go watch the trailer. If you like it, then definitely tell four people about it. 25 August 21 days left. You too start the countdown. The level of Indian cinema is about to go one step higher.

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