Triggered Insaan Makes Big Record In His Latest Video

Triggered Insaan Makes Big Record: Friends, if we talk about YouTube in recent times, there is a discussion going on about only two people on YouTube and that is Fukra Insaan and Elvish Yadav. Ever since these two came from Bigg Boss, they have been in the news ever since. Many people are loving these two a lot. After coming from Bigg Boss, Fukra Insaan and Triggered Insaan together made a video related to Bigg Boss, which has made a big record, let’s know.

Triggered Insaan Makes Big Record

Recently a video came on Triggered Insaan’s channel. In this, Fukra Insan who is his brother was featured. Where he named this video as Revealing Secret Bigg Boss.

Friends Fukra Insaan Revenge Big Boss was the name of the secret video and it got one million likes within just four hours. Let me tell you that it got one million likes but within just four hours it got three million views.

After posting the story here, Triggered Insaan tagged Fukra Insaan and Fukra Insaan re-posted and told that the power of your Panda gang is for Fukra Insaan.

He wrote that within four hours one million brothers, the boy’s popularity is increasing. I have been able to make this big record only because of Fukra Insan. Because now both the brothers are ruling on YouTube.

Bigg Boss will make a Fukra Insaan

Fukra Insan is coming soon with a new video. It remains to be seen what kind of video Fukra Insan will be here because he has said that he is going to make Big Boss for YouTube, in which he will keep big creators for seven days.

Apart from this, friends, let us tell you that Prerna Malhan has suggested that Babika should also be brought inside it. Commenting on his life, Prerna Malhan wrote that he brought Babika too inside his Bigg Boss.

Not only this, when friends are creating this Bigg Boss, then big creators can come, now it has to be seen that whom the fukra people finally take in Bigg Boss house. Let’s see but till then you must tell us by commenting what you have to say about this record and turn on the notification of our site for such updates.

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