Virat Kohli will take a break from IPL 2024, RCB fans heartbroken

Virat Kohli Updates: Can Virat take a break from IPL also? Because the veteran has told the inside story. Team India’s star batsman, former captain Virat Kohli, who is on a break due to personal reasons in the current Test series against England. You all know that recently Anushka Sharma, who is Virat Kohli’s wife, has given birth to Virat’s son. On February 15, Virat Kohli became a father for the second time.

Now a new update has come regarding Virat Kohli’s return to the cricket field. Actually, former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar has said something about Virat Kohli which can be heart breaking news for Virat’s fans.

Because Sunil Gavaskar has raised such a question that perhaps Virat Kohli can also take a break from the upcoming IPL season 17. The way he decided to take a break in the Test series against England due to his family needs and personal reasons, it is possible that Virat may continue this break further and may not be seen playing in the upcoming IPL season. So what did Sunil Gavaskar say? Let us know.

What did Sunil Gavaskar say?

Sunil Gavaskar has said whether he will play. He is not playing for some reason. Maybe he may not even play in IPL. Now, it is not clear whether this statement given by Sunil Gavaskar regarding Virat Kohli was given jokingly or seriously, but Sunil Gavaskar has definitely said this in the form of a question regarding Virat Kohli that if he Considering his family needs, he can take a break from the International Test Series, so is the need of his family bigger than IPL for him?

Will he take the risk of taking a break in IPL also or will he decide to take it? Because we all know that family comes above all, comes first and if family is needed then everyone has the right to take a break from it in any of their professional life or any other life. You will remember that after a long time, Virat Kohli had taken paternity leave for the first time when his daughter Vamika was about to be born. Then Virat Kohli was on Australia tour.

Team India later played a Test series in Australia under the captaincy of Ajinkya Rahane. I had taken paternity leave once and now I have taken paternity leave. But this was the first time while playing in India that Virat Kohli has not played in any Test series for India. When he made his international test debut, it was a big deal and the responsibility of a father can be said to be a big reason behind this.

Virat not playing will be a big shock for the fans

Although Virat Kohli not playing in the IPL season will not only be a shock for Virat’s fans but it can also be a setback for Virat Kohli himself. Because if they take such a decision then Virat Kohli’s playing in the upcoming T-Twenty World Cup will also create suspense somewhere. Because Virat Kohli has not been playing in T-Twenty format for a long time.

Last time he played two matches in the T-Twenty series against Afghanistan. But before that, the matches that Virat Kohli had played for Team India in the T-Twenty format were in the T-Twenty World Cup 2022. That is, the T-Twenty World Cup that took place in Australia about one and a half to two years ago. So in such a situation, Virat Kohli has been away from the international T-20 format for a long time.

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He may have been playing in the IPL, he may have played consecutive T-20 series against Afghanistan, but his gap in the T-20 format can only be completed by the IPL before the upcoming T-20 World Cup. To maintain the consistency of his form, it is very important for Virat to play in the IPL to gain confidence before the World Cup.

In such a situation, Gavaskar Saheb’s statement that Virat might take a break from IPL too, might take a break from one phase of IPL, can in itself shock his fans. It remains to be seen what decision Virat takes in the coming days.

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