How many votes did Elvish and other housemates get, who will be evicted

Who will be evicted from Bigg Boss house: Talking about the voting trend of Bigg Boss OTT, we are going to tell you who has got how many votes in today’s article. By the way, you all know that Elvish Yadav is at the top, but now it has to be seen that how many total votes he has made, till now he had broken all the records in the last few days, let’s know.

Who will be evicted from Bigg Boss house?

Tell you what has been the final voting trend? Who has got how many votes, then Elvish Yadav has got 47 lakh votes. Talking about Jiya Shanakar, he got 3.5 lakh votes.

If we talk about Aashika Bhatia, she has got 2.3 lakh votes. Avinash has got 47 thousand votes. Jad Hadid has got 29 thousand votes and Falak Naz has got 24 thousand votes.

Friends, the last two are Jad Hadid and Falak Naaz, who got the least number of votes, today one of them will be evicted from the house. Filal friends, Elvish Yadav has made a record of 47 lakh votes, which has not been made by anyone in the history of Bigg Boss.

Fukra Insaan’s record of 21 lakhs has been broken, Elvish got 2 times more votes than that. Elvish has made a huge record, we don’t think anyone will be able to break his record now.

Today is weekend ka vaar, now it has to be seen who will be evicted from the house? And also when Salman Khan will reveal the vote of Elvish Yadav then what will be the reaction of the housemates. All the family members will be surprised.

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They do not know the popularity of Elvish, but now they will know after seeing the votes and Avinash will not even think of messing with Elvish after knowing the votes. Friends, if you have liked this information, then do share it and turn on the notification of the site for such updates.

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