Big Boss OTT 2: Manisha Rani fed food to angry Elvish, gave her share of paratha

Why is Elvish Yadav not eating food: Friends, Manisha Rani has once again won fans inside the house in the live feed of Bigg Boss OTT. Actually it happened that Elvish Yadav stopped eating food after hitting the plank and he said that now I do not want to eat food.

Why is Elvish Yadav not eating food?

I do not want to eat the food where food is served like this. Actually friends, Elvish was very hungry, but in spite of this, Falak Naaz interrupted Elvish while taking food.

Which Elvish didn’t like at all and he left the food and sat outside in the garden area with Fukra Insaan.

During this, Manisha Rani took half of her share of paranthas to Elvish and said, look, my stomach is full and I am giving this half to you, you eat it.

Why is Elvish Yadav not eating food

After which Elvish took the parantha, then after that asked what is this part? My part, your part Which part is in this food? After this, Manisha Rani while playing friendship said that look friend, Elvish Babu has a share here.

Such is the rule of the house here. Everything is available in limited, that’s why it is said here. Please don’t mind this thing and eat the food.

After which Elvish ate that parantha, but seeing Elvish at this time, you will also really feel very bad. If someone is very hungry and that person is sitting with food in his plate and at that time he should be interrupted and told that there are only two paranthas for everyone.

Then what will happen to that person and what will happen if a person eats one more parantha, there is a lot of flour, Big Boss has sent a lot of ration tomorrow. Still, what is the point of doing so?

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